Brave Girls Contract Expiration: Fans Question Group’s Future Amid Brave Entertainment’s Silence

Credit: NBC Chicago/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NBC Chicago/YouTube Screenshot

Brave Girls' contract with Brave Entertainment will expire this year. With no new updates or activities, what will be the future of the K-pop world's summer girl group?

Brave Girls debuted in 2011, but it wasn't until their 2017 song, "Rollin'," became a hit in 2020 that made them one of the most popular K-pop acts. From there, they did several activities, bringing them to new heights.

Brave Girls' Renewed Fame

Following the success of "Rollin'," the group dropped their comeback mini-album, After We Ride. They returned in 2021 with another EP, Summer Queen, solidifying their title as the K-pop's summer girl group.

The girls continued their activities by becoming endorsement models for various brands and appearing in different shows. They, too, dropped albums one after the another.

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These helped them become one of the most famous K-pop girl groups in South Korea, riding the tide of their "Rollin'" fame.

However, things eventually started to slow down.

What Happens to Brave Girls?

There are no words yet on the future of Brave Girls this year.

Brave Entertainment has yet to reveal the group's future promotions and activities.

They were supposed to have a U.S. tour in July 2022, but it was cancelled due to COVID0-19. Fans started asking for details about the postponed event but didn't hear anything about it.

Aside from that, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna's YouTube channel has no new uploads besides the New Year greeting videos and behind-the-scenes clips.

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With the lack of updates and content, many believe Brave Entertainment has no plans for Brave Girls' future activities, considering their contracts are about to expire this year.

Though the hitmakers have already expressed their desire to continue as a group, their supporters are worried that it may not happen.

Fans React to Brave Girls' Future

In the fans' comments on YouTube, some beg the singers to re-debut. Though they might not be able to use the name Brave Girls again, the four have a strong chance of making it in the business.

"I want to see you longer," the fan said.

"It's amazing how the company botched this rare chance that came," another added.

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"Brave Girls are talented, but the agency really ruined their popularity," a netizen claimed.

As Brave Entertainment remains mum about Brave Girls' future, fans have to wait and see what's next for this group.

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