Fans Worry and Fear Former Big Bang's Seungri’s Early Release From Prison

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Credit: 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot
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Former BIG BANG member Seungri will be out of prison on Saturday, February 11, and netizens can't help but react to the news. By the looks of it, many are not happy with the claim, resulting in worries and fears of what the ex-idol may do next.

Seungri originally received a three-year sentence, but it was reduced to half, one year and a half, after filing an appeal. So instead of being released around 2024, he will be out of prison this year.


The Reduce Sentence of Seungri

The Supreme Court of South Korea finalized the 32-year-old's sentence to one year and six months. So from the military, he was transferred to the civilian prison after receiving his final sentence.

He was indicted for nine criminal charges, including solicitation of illegal prostitution, illegal overseas gambling, the spread of illegally filmed sexual content, embezzlement, threatening, and assault.

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He was found guilty of all the charges during the military court trial and received a sentence of three years in prison.

But after filing an appeal, the High Military Court reduced his sentence to one and a half years.

Koreans React to Seungri's Reduced Sentence

Many Koreans reportedly reacted to the reduced sentence of Seungri, saying it was too light for something big that he did, being released from prison too early.

Some also fear that he may resume his activities or commit the same crimes again.

In a discussion on Instagram, as translated by AllKpop, netizens couldn't help but discuss this recent update about the Big Bang member.

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"I hope that he doesn't resume broadcast activities after time passes," one fan said.

"I feel he will do worse things after a while," another claimed.

"People never change, let's not forget what he did," a netizen suggested.

"He needs to leave Korea and live quietly somewhere else," one added.


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Others said,

"South Korea is such a nice country to live in; you only get a year and a half for really bad crimes;" "He should be in jail at least three more years;" "It still amazes me every time I see how short he served time for 9 crimes;" "He will start to come back on YouTube;" "He served time in jail shorter than mandatory military service;" and "100% chance that he's going to commit a similar crime again."

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