The Glory Actor Jung Sung Il Shares Hardships, Childhood Difficulties

Credit: Vstar/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Vstar/YouTube Screenshot

Jung Sung Il is now getting everyone's attention for his role as Ha Do Young in the hit Netflix K-drama The Glory. But despite his rich and influential character, he used to be the opposite, experiencing all the hardships when he was young.

Sung Il appeared in the latest episode of "You Quiz on the Block" and shared his life story, which made the actor himself emotional. From the beginning of his acting career to being left with no choice but to drink dirty water, The Glory star said it all.

Jung Sung Il's Humble Beginnings

The show started with the 42-year-old sharing how he got into acting.

Though he didn't really dream of being an actor at the time, busy trying to live and survive, his sister encouraged her to get into performance art.

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"My mother was sick ever since I was young so she was away healing and my father was a free spirit, so he was never home," he said, per AllKpop. "When I was a senior in high school, my mother recovered and returned home and suggested I go to college. That's when my sister recommended that I look into fine art and performance art."

Jung Sung Il's Childhood Experience and Difficulties

Yoo Jae Suk then asked the Bad and Crazy star about his life when he was younger.

"I had my rebellious period, but my parents weren't around, so it was my sister who was always taking care of me," he stated. "We lived with our grandmother, and we had to take care of her when we were in elementary school. We had to take care of her excreta [human waste] because she had a hard time moving."

From there, Sung Il shared the difficulties he experienced during his childhood.

"When my sister is in school, I would wait for her but had nothing to eat or drink. So one time, I was so hungry and saw a puddle of water on the pavement," he continued. "I waited until the dirt fell to the bottom and drank the water at the top."

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Jae Suk then asked why he didn't ask the neighbors for water.

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"That, you can do a few times. I felt guilty going around and asking every time," he said in response.

The host then asked him if his sister knew about it.

"My sister yelled at me saying 'Are you crazy? Why did you drink that? You should've waited for me to come back," Sung Il added.

But he couldn't help but feel brokenhearted for her sister, knowing she was young, too.

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"My sister was good at making food with just the ingredients we had at home. So, she always made me food," he explained. "But the thing is, my sister is only two years older than I am, so she was in elementary school at that time too. So that's what hurts my heart a lot. I was young too, but my sister was also a baby. But she never cried in front of me."

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