Brad Pitt Shock: Angelina Jolie Wants to Warn His Girlfriend Ines de Ramon? Pitt's Ex-wife Reportedly Wants to Take Control of the Situation

Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have parted ways for nearly seven years. However, the exes are still associated with each other amid their ongoing divorce and custody battle. One outlet claimed that Jolie wasn't happy about Pitt dating Ines de Ramon.

Angelina Jolie Wants To Take Control Of Brad Pitt, Ines de Ramon Relationship?

An anonymous insider spoke with Heat World about Jolie's alleged reaction over Pitt's dating life. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star is dating Paul Wesley's ex, Ines. The tipster claimed that Jolie wasn't happy about her ex-husband's budding romance with Ines.

The source claimed:

"Brad's new relationship is a sore topic for Ange."

The tipster added:

"Ange wants to take control of the situation instead of sitting in the shadows watching, and hopes to meet up with Ines one-on-one. She wants to tell her side of the story about her time with Brad and then Ines can make up her own mind."

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According to sources, their relationship is getting serious following their trip to Paris, and even Jennifer Aniston was allegedly affected. An anonymous insider told Closer about the celebrity couple.

"Brad made their trip to France so special and Ines is telling friends she feels like a real-life princess. They are really basking in the honeymoon period and have told friends they're open to having a baby together. It wouldn't surprise anyone if Ines made a pregnancy announcement soon."

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Brad Pitt Fears Angelina Jolie Will Badmouth Him to Their Kids

The Astra star has been linked to various women following his separation from Jolie, with whom he shares six children. Unnamed insiders told Page Six that he has been dating but keeping things low-key due to his messy breakup with Jolie.

Also, he didn't want his romantic relationship to affect his bond with his children, who are all under Jolie's care.

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The tipster said:

"Brad has quietly dated the last couple of years. He worries that [Angelina] Jolie will badmouth him to their kids, more than she already has, if he has a serious girlfriend."

Following their split and legal battle, do you agree that Brad Pitt has a reason to fear Jolie when it comes to his dating life?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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