Boruto Chapter 62 Spoilers, Release Date and Time: Code Reveals His Ultimate Plan!

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the monthly shonen series by creator Masashi Kishimoto and artist Mikio Ikemoto, is back with a brand new chapter in September 2021. As Naruto, Boruto, Kawaki, and the rest of the Leaf Village prepare for war, Code and his allies are on the move in the next chapter.

Boruto Chapter 62
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Credit: Shueisha

The next chapter will most likely be a more action-packed one compared to the previous chapter, and it's likely that we will finally see the villain Code meet Kawaki, but will Boruto find his fellow Ohtsutsuki first? Will Eida and Daemon also show up?

Here's everything you need to know about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 62.

Boruto Chapter 61 Recap: What happened in the previous chapter?

Boruto Chapter 62
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Credit: Shueisha

In Boruto Chapter 61, Shikadai Nara, the son of Shikimaru, explains how Konoha's surveillance system works. It turns out that the village is protected by a strong super sensory net, which can detect newcomers and enemies.

Meanwhile, Shikimaru and Amado smoke together while having a conversation. Amado comments on how he was not expecting Kawaki to be devoted to the Lord Hokage, Naruto. Amado calls Kawaki's human love as madness, and Shikimaru brings up Code's devotion Isshiki.

The guard Nishi notices Kawaki leaving the house of Naruto, but Kawaki manages to use a decoy to fool the guard, and the guard thinks that Kawaki goes back in, but in fact, the real Kawaki manages to get past his surveillance. However, Boruto is able to sense Kawaki's presence from outside the house despite seeing Kawaki's decoy inside his house. Boruto notices that he's able to erase his chakra signature.

Eida uses her clairvoyant powers to gather intel, and learns that Kawaki is on the move, and tells him that Kawaki is nulling his chakra signature, a trick that comes naturally to all Ohtsutsuki. Seeing this opportunity, Code then uses his claw marks to traverse himself into an area assumingly closer to where Kawaki is. Code leaves a claw mark on Eida's shoulder to leave an ear so he can gather intel from Eida.

Boruto wonders why he can still sense where Kawaki is despite erasing his chakra signature, and Kawaki notices that Boruto is able to sense him probably because he's also an Ohtsutsuki.

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What spoilers have been revealed for Boruto Chapter 62?

Boruto Naruto Next Generations - Eida
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Credit: Shueisha

The VJump attachment card revealed a preview for Boruto Chapter 62, and thanks to an English translation by rei5131, here's what it says: "Kawaki and Code are finally facing each other, standing face to face...?! What will Boruto do then?!"

Based on this teaser, it's likely that Boruto will chase down Kawaki, but Code will most likely find him first. It's been a long time since we've seen an epic fight in Boruto, so we might see Kawaki fight Code soon.

Fans are also wondering if we will see the top-secret cyborg/s Amado is working on.

Some fans are also speculating that Amado may be the true mastermind behind everything going on in Boruto right now. While he may look trustworthy to Konoha, his true intentions still remain a mystery, and it's likely that we will find out something huge about the character in the upcoming chapters.

Kawaki is probably not strong enough to fight Code by himself, and there's also speculation that whatever is in Amado's pod might eventually help Kawaki battle Code if they were to fight.

Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 62 have reportedly been leaked, teasing a fight between Code and Kawaki.

Now, that the new chapter is out, here are more details: Kawaki's shadow doppelganger tells Boruto not to interfere.

Boruto heads out and tells Nishi, the surveillance ninja, that Kawaki has broken out, and asks him if he's monitoring chakra, but it looks like he's not able to detect Kawaki's.

Meanwhile, Eida is giving Code directions while hugging Daemon, who's sleeping in her arms.

Boruto tells Naruto that Kawaki has ran off, and he managed to erase his chakra, so Konoha's surveillance team won't be able to detect him. Naruto tells Nishi to have other unit members assist and notify Shikimaru.

Kawaki notices that Code is chasing him from behind, and Code asks Kawaki if he's gained weight.

Boruto explains to Naruto that the Kawaki presence inside their house is just a shadow doppelganger, and that Nishi was tricked.

Shikimaru says that they need to find Kawaki because he's one of Code's main targets, and Ino says that the entire sensory unit should be deployed.

Boruto notices that Kawaki's presence is gone, and says that the sensory unit will not find him, and Naruto tells his son that they will handle it, but Boruto storms off.

Amado wonders how they lost track of Kawaki, and Shikimaru wonders why Kawaki is doing this.

Code is attacking Kawaki, and Eida reminds him not to accidentally kill him. The fight pauses, and Kawaki tells Code that he came out to see him, but didn't expect to encounter him sooner.

Kawaki tells Code that he's the one who killed Isshiki, and that other people had nothing to do with it, and says that Code should kill him, and leave Konoha alone, but Code says that he must kill eveyone involved in Isshiki's death. He continues to beat-up Kawaki, and Kawaki says not to harm Konoha.

Eida tells Code to quit beating up Kawaki, and Daemon wakes up. Note that in a previous chapter, Code promised to Eida that he won't kill Kawaki so don't expect the villain to go all out in his skirmish.

Code tells Kawaki that all the details about Ohtsutsuki Isshiki's death, and he's inherited his will. He says that revenge is just the first stage of his plans, and that he will cultivate a Divine Tree that will procure its chakra fruit, and drain all the chakra in the world, and nearly kill everyone and everything. This is similar to plot of the non-canon Dragon Ball Z movie, Tree of Life.

Code tells Kawaki that he's excluded from his vengeance list because someone wants to meet him. Code says that Kawaki is coming with him, but just in the nick of time, Boruto suddenly appears to intervene their fight, and breaks Code's chokehold over Kawaki with his flying kick. The chapter concludes with Boruto telling Kawaki to tell him about where he's heading next time, and Kawaki looks surprised.

Fans are wondering why Eida didn't seem to know that Boruto was approaching so she could warn Code. Recently, a fan shared a theory about the secrets of Eida's power, but nothing has officially been confirmed yet.

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When will Boruto Chapter 62 be released?

Boruto - Kawaki
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Credit: Shueisha

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 62 is scheduled to release on Monday, Sept 20, 2021, according to MangaPlus and other official sources.

Boruto Chapter 61 is expected to release at midnight JST on Friday.

If this release time is accurate, the English translations for Chapter 62 should be released online at the following times, but they may be released earlier.

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Monday, September 20
Central Time: 11 AM on Monday, September 20
Eastern Time: Noon on Monday, September 20
British Time: 5 PM on Monday, September 20

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Where to read Boruto Chapter 62?

Kawaki vs Code Boruto Chapter 62
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Credit: Boruto

You can read the latest chapter of Boruto on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Viz Media lets you read the first three and the last three chapters for free, but if you want to access all the chapters, you will need to subscribe for a Shonen Jump membership, which costs only $1.99 a month.

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