Boruto Cover Art Sparks Debate About The Direction of the Naruto Franchise - Not Ninja Enough, According to Fans

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The official cover for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Volume 15 was recently released, sparking the debate of whether or not the Naruto franchise has strayed too far from its original focus on ninjas. The cover art features Boruto, Kawaki, Amado, and Code while the clairvoyant Eida stands out at the center.

Some fans commented that Naruto is no longer focused on ninjas with some saying that Eida's presence at the center looks sexualized. Some fans also pointed out how Boruto introduced cyborgs, including Eida and her brother Daemon, instead of just focusing on shinobi elements that the original Naruto series is known for featuring.


As anime fans know, Naruto is a series is all about ninjas, but of course, Masashi Kishimoto's shonen franchise breaks the traditional image of ninjas. Instead of being stealthy in the shadows, the protagonist Naruto is known for his bright orange outfit and instead of using just shurikens and other traditional ninja weapons, most of the characters have unique abilities that classic ninjas don't have. More advanced technologies and more modern science have been introduced in the show, making it clear that the show is not just about ninjas. Other fans are also saying that Boruto is also bringing samurai instead of ninja elements to the shonen series.

However, there are some fans (including myself) who think this cover is fantastic since it highlights the brilliant character designs that the series is known for.

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Of course, the Naruto franchise has changed astronomically since its early days, and fans are questioning the direction Kishimoto is taking the series after his return to the franchise he created.

What do you think about this new Boruto cover image? Do you like its art style or do you think it strays too far away from its ninja roots?

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