Boruto Chapter Reveals Kawaki's Next Move, Code's Reaction, and Sasuke's Return

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61, titled Madness, has finally arrived, and it features key characters like Kawaki and Code making their next moves while giving us a glimpse of Konohagakure's imperfect surveillance system. Sasuke also makes a brief appearance, and we get to see how Eida and Code are working together against Konoha.

Boruto Kawaki
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Warning: Boruto Chapter 61 spoilers ahead


In the latest chapter of Boruto, Shikadai Nara, the son of Shikimaru, explains how Konoha's surveillance system works. It turns out that the village is protected by a strong super sensory net, which can detect newcomers and enemies.

In another location, Sasuke notices one of Code's claw marks and he wonders why the villain chose that location to place it on. He tells the security ninja to keep guarding the area that Shikimaru or Sai told him to watch.

Meanwhile, Shikimaru and Amado smoke together while having a conversation. Amado comments on how he was not expecting Kawaki to be devoted to the Lord Hokage, Naruto. Amado calls Kawaki's human love as madness, and Shikimaru brings up Code's devotion Isshiki.

The guard Nishi notices Kawaki leaving the Uzumaki family's house, but Kawaki manages to use a decoy to fool the guard, and the guard thinks that Kawaki goes back in, but in fact, the real Kawaki manages to get past his surveillance. However, Boruto is able to sense Kawaki's presence from outside the house despite seeing Kawaki's decoy inside his house. Boruto notices that he's able to erase his chakra signature.

Eida uses her clairvoyant powers to gather intel, and learns that Kawaki is on the move, and tells him that Kawaki is nulling his chakra signature, a trick that comes naturally to all Ohtsutsuki. Seeing this opportunity, Code then uses his claw marks to traverse himself into an area assumingly closer to where Kawaki is. Code leaves a claw mark on Eida's shoulder to leave an ear so he can gather intel from Eida.

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Boruto wonders why he can still sense where Kawaki is despite erasing his chakra signature, and Kawaki notices that Boruto is able to sense him probably because he's also an Ohtsutsuki.

Next month's Boruto Chapter 62 will most likely feature Code confronting Kawaki, and Boruto will most likely chase Kawaki.