Bocchi the Rock! Unveils More Deformed Bocchi Figures

Bocchi the Rock! Figures Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! Figures Hitori Gotoh

Even though a Season 2 announcement is likely a year away (or even more), Bocchi the Rock! continues to release new merch for fans to collect, including two deformed Hitori Gotoh figures that come straight from the anime.

Recently, a Kessoku Band concert happened in Tokyo, and while it did not end with a Season 2 announcement, it did give fans a treat by revealing new songs.

Along with these, several new collectibles were also highlighted at the event.

More Bocchi the Rock! Merch Is Coming Soon

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This recent concert happened at ZEPP Haneda, and it featured performances by the show’s main voice cast.

While most of the songs were sung by Ikumi Hasegawa (Ikuyo Kita), the other Kessoku Band VAs also took to the stage.

At the event, various goods were also highlighted, including Gibson and Yamaha guitars, which appeared in the anime.

Along with these, Bocchi the Rock! has another collaboration with ONKYO for a new pair of in-ear monitors.

Their previous collab was for a pair of wireless earbuds, though these new IEMs are designed for professional use.

For fans who aren’t exactly musicians, there are also lots of cute Bocchi goodies that will be released soon.

These include a small pouch that looks like a guitar bag. There are also new Hitori Gotoh plushies releasing later this week.

Perhaps the biggest new merch coming soon is the CD release of the new Kessoku Band single.

This CD features two brand-new songs which were played during the concert. Though they are also available now on Spotify.

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Two Deformed Bocchi the Rock! Figures Unveiled

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Hitori Gotoh’s various transformations, whether she’s glitching or turning into a Picasso artwork, are no doubt highlights of the anime.

For those who can’t get enough of Bocchi’s surreal transformations, two new deformed Bocchi figures were revealed. The first is Hitori Gotoh’s mendako form which was seen in Episode 11.

The next is Hitori’s tsuchinoko form which she transforms into memorably in the show’s first episode.

These two figures are available for pre-order now online via the Aniplex+ web store, with each figure priced at JPY 5,500 (around USD 40).

Take note though, these figures are only available for pre-order until July 30, and they will be shipped in April 2024.

For now, there’s no word yet on a second season for Bocchi the Rock!, though a compilation film is set to release in 2024.

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