Bocchi the Rock! Stage Play to Feature Live Performances of Original Songs

Bocchi the Rock! Stage Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! Stage Hitori Gotoh

After the play’s announcement earlier this month, the Bocchi the Rock! stage play revealed new details about the production, including the fact that the show’s cast will perform the anime’s original songs live.

While it’s not billed as a musical, it makes sense that the upcoming play will feature live musical performances given that the Kessoku Band playing on stage happens multiple times in the anime at key points.

Though this is the highlight of the recent announcement, the play’s main cast has also been revealed, as well as its staff and ticket details.

Bocchi the Rock! Stage Play Reveals Cast and Staff

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For the show’s cast, the production held auditions that featured both acting and musical performance components.

Now, the following main cast members have been revealed:

  • Hitori Gotoh: Mamo Mamono
  • Nijika Ijichi: Miki Otake
  • Ryo Yamada: Karin Osanai
  • Kita Ikuyo: Mirai Ohmori
  • Seika Ijichi: Misato Kawauchi
  • Kikuri Hiroi: Rei Tsukikawa
  • Futari Gotoh: Nanami Oka and Arisa Tsukui

While Bocchi’s sister Futari isn’t exactly a main character, she is played by two actresses in this play because she is a young character.

This is similar to the Spy x Family musical which featured four actresses for Anya.

Also revealed was the show’s director. Specifically, Akira Yamazaki of Warui Shibai (a notable theater company) will helm this play.

As for tickets, it was revealed that there is an advanced ticket sale via lottery on the Aniplex+ website that’s available now until July 5, 2023.

After the initial lottery, there will also be a general sale beginning July 29, though tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Bocchi the Rock! Play to Feature Live Song Performances

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Many anime theatrical adaptations are musicals, as is the case with the Attack on Titan play. Although, the Bocchi the Rock! stage play isn’t billed as a musical.

This makes sense given that musicals typically feature brand-new songs that are done in lieu of scenes with dialogue. But with the Bocchi stage play, it looks like it will be done much like in the anime.

Specifically, fans can expect the story to unfold through dialogue, but the Kessoku Band’s live house and school festival performances will be performed live.

It’s not clear if the show’s cast will also play the instruments for the musical performances, though it’d be impressive if they did.

Still, viewers are guaranteed to hear live versions of the Kessoku Band’s songs.

Bocchi the Rock! Live Stage shows will happen at the THEATER MILANO-Za in Tokyo between August 11 and 20, 2023.

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Source: Bocchi Stage Website

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