Bocchi the Rock!'s Kessoku Band Don Cute Onesies in Don Quijote Collab

Bocchi the Rock Don Quijote Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock Don Quijote Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! continues to get a lot of attention from fans even if it’s been over half a year since its last episode. Now, Bocchi the Rock! announced a surprising new collab, this time with discount retailer Don Quijote.

The new collab was revealed via the Don Quijote (or Donki as it's affectionately called) website and social media pages.

As with the anime’s other collaborations, this collab has exclusive merch that features a brand-new visual of the Kessoku Band.

Bocchi the Rock! Continues to Get New Collabs

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2022 had lots of popular anime, but Bocchi the Rock! was easily the most unexpected hit.

Before the Fall 22 season, there weren’t a lot of anime fans excited about the show, but that quickly changed a couple of episodes in.

Since then, the show has exploded in popularity, so much so that it got a lot of special activities and events, including a live concert and a stage play that began its run a few days ago.

On top of these, there have also been numerous Bocchi collaborations, including with a Karaoke chain, Family Mart, and even a bottled water brand.

Now, Bocchi is back, and this time with a Donki collab, one of Japan’s most well-known discount chain stores, and a store that many tourists flock to for their competitively priced goods.

For this new collab, a special visual was made featuring the Kessoku Band members wearing cute Godzilla onesies. This is a reference to the anime’s fourth episode where Hitori Gotoh became Godzilla.

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Japanese Discount Store Don Quijote Teams Up With Bocchi the Rock!

Details about the collab were shared on the Donki official website. There, the exclusive merch that will be sold was shared. These include the standard acrylic stands, clear files, and more.

Aside from the more typical goods, the collab also features coasters that are shaped like records, as well as a sacoche that features cute illustrations of the main cast in Godzilla onesies.

While the focus of the collection is the Kessoku Band members, there are also items featuring the other characters, including Futari, Seika, PA-san, and Kikuri.

What’s interesting about this collab is that Donki is not exactly an anime merch retailer like Animate. Though this collab is a testament to the continued popularity of the anime.

The Bocchi the Rock! x Don Quijote collab will be released in select Donki stores throughout Japan on August 26, 2023. They will also be released online through AniBOX.

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