Bocchi the Rock!’s Kessoku Band Makes Japanese Music History

Bocchi Kessoku Band Ikuyo Kita

Bocchi Kessoku Band Ikuyo Kita

It has been half a year now since the anime ended, but Bocchi the Rock! continues to break new records. Just recently, it was revealed that the Bocchi the Rock! album Kessoku Band topped the Digital Album Ranking in the Oricon First Half Ranking 2023.

This means the anime’s official soundtrack album held the top spot in terms of digital sales.

What makes this historic is that the Kessoku Band is the first female group to achieve this milestone.

Bocchi the Rock! Continues to Get New Projects

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It may not have gotten much hype ahead of its release, but as the Fall 2022 season went on, Bocchi the Rock! quickly became one of the season’s biggest hits alongside other titles like Bleach: TYBW and Chainsaw Man.

Since then, the anime has continued to enjoy a large fanbase. And while Season 2 is not yet on the horizon, fans do have new projects to enjoy.

For starters, the Kessoku Band released a single after their recent live concert in Tokyo.

This single featured two brand-new songs that also feature Ikumi Hasegawa (Ikuyo Kita's VA) on vocals.

Aside from the single, there’s also a Bocchi the Rock! stage play that will run for a bit over a week this August.

What’s exciting about this is that the play's cast will perform the anime’s original songs live.

There’s also an upcoming compilation anime film that will be released in Japanese cinemas in 2024.

Finally, lots of Bocchi merch and collaborations are being made and will release in the coming months.

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Kessoku Band Becomes First Female Group to Top Oricon’s Digital Album Ranking

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Recently, Oricon announced the top albums of the first half of 2023. It was revealed that the Kessoku Band album topped both the Digital Album Ranking and the Sales Category by Work charts.

This is a huge deal given that it beat out plenty of other Japanese artists and bands.

What’s more, the band has become the first female group to reach these Japanese album chart milestones.

Oricon awarded the band with a special trophy which was received in person by Yoshino Aoyama (Hitori Gotoh) and Sayumi Suzushiro (Nijika Ijichi).

The band expressed their thanks to fans for supporting the album, with Aoyama funnily remarking that while the Kessoku Band in the anime struggled with their ticket quota, they have huge support from fans in real life.

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Source: Oricon

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