Bocchi the Rock! Stage Play Shares First Look at Real-Life Kessoku Band

Bocchi the Rock! Stage Play Visual Hitori Gotoh

Bocchi the Rock! Stage Play Visual Hitori Gotoh

After its announcement a few weeks ago, the Bocchi the Rock! stage play finally gave fans their first look at the real-life Kessoku Band in the production’s key visual.

Instead of trying something completely different, this poster features the four main cast members as they recreate the anime’s key visual.

Though the play’s main cast has been announced before, this is the first time that they’re shown in full costume.

Following this, it’s likely that more details and images from the production will be released soon.

Bocchi the Rock! Live Stage Will Feature Live Music Performance

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Back in June, it was revealed that Bocchi the Rock! will get a stage play this August, and while not a lot of details have been shared initially, many expected that the play will follow the anime’s complete story.

Soon, more details were revealed about the play, including its main cast. But the most exciting bit of news is that the play will feature live musical performances from the cast.

Although it wasn’t clear if the Kessoku Band cast members will actually play instruments on stage, it seems that will be the case.

Ahead of the new visual’s release, the actresses Miki Otake (Nijika), Karin Osanai (Ryo), and Mirai Ohmori (Kita) shared on their respective Twitter accounts that they’re currently practicing their instruments for the play.

This should mean the play is a must-watch for Bocchi fans, especially for those who missed out on the recent Tokyo concert.

But sadly, the production will only run for a bit over a week.

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New Stage Play Visual Gives First Look at Real-Life Kessoku Band

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The previous announcements of the play only featured information, but now, fans finally have a better idea of what to expect thanks to the release of the key visual.

Specifically, this visual gives fans a look at the cast in their complete character getups.

From the looks of it, the play’s costumes are quite accurate. Even the guitars seem to match the ones used by the girls in the anime.

Check out the new visual here:

Along with the visual, the website also revealed that the play will be “spun in a variety of ways” meaning there might be some changes to the story to better fit a stage adaptation.

Bocchi the Rock! Live Stage will run at the THEATER MILANO-Za in Tokyo from August 11-20, 2023.

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