BoA Shock: 'Street Woman Fighter' Judge Suffers From Condemnations After Recent Episode

BoA Street Woman Fighter
Credit: SMTOWN

BoA Street Woman Fighter
Credit: SMTOWN

BoA failed to satisfy Street Woman Fighter's viewers in the recent panel's decision.

Before the upcoming finale of Street Woman Fighter, the show and people related to it became subjects of criticisms for various reasons. One of the most recent issues involved BoA, as many people questioned her capacity as a judge.

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BoA Receives Unfriendly Comments From Street Woman Fighter Viewers

Street Woman Fighter needed to say goodbye to one of its crews again this week after the show's judges made a tough decision.

BoA, along with the other judges, voted out YGX and saved LACHICA from the elimination round. Fans, especially YGX supporters, called out BoA and flooded her social media accounts with rude comments for being biased. They also told her she does not deserve to be the judge of the show. Viewers were particularly enraged by the fact that LACHICA was saved despite being at the bottom twice.

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Amid those comments, BoA's fans came forward and defended the K-Idol. They also assumed that those who left comments on her accounts were YGX's fans. In pursuit of making people realize how great she is as a dancer, fans mentioned that most rookie idols look up to her and call her their inspiration.

In addition, some fans indeed agreed with her comment but slammed the panel for not giving professional inputs to the crew.

BoA Has Heartwarming Reason For Joining Street Woman Fighter As Judge

BoA Street Woman Fighter comments
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Credit: SMTOWN
BoA has been bombarded with "Street Woman Fighter" viewers' fury following the recent episode.

Amid the criticisms, BoA wants to keep working as the survival show's judge.

In one of the show's previous episodes, the singer revealed how the pandemic pushed her to join them as a judge.

"Well… in fact, the very first reason why I chose this program is because I can watch the young energy with my naked eyes. In fact, as Covid-19 pandemics continues, people can't watch something with their naked eyes," she said.

She also hoped that the audience felt the same way. Although they are watching through their TVs, BoA wants them to feel at ease because of the show despite the ongoing crises around the world.

BoA clearly shows compassion to the viewers and crews, and they indeed have judging criteria that can explain why they chose LACHICA over YGX.

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