Blue Period Episode 7 DELAYED: Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

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When a slice of life anime makes you re-live your university entrance exam stress, you know it did something right in an unsettling sort of way. Blue Period Episode 6 did exactly that.

From the many, many assignments, to the oppressive dim-lit classroom environment, the need for a sugar rush, and the sleep deprivation, the episode caught the heart of struggling with exam-related stress. On a second layer, Episode 6 delves deeper into the intense jealousy one might feel for fellow artists whom they perceive as more talented. An excellent episode, bound to make artists, and not only, feel.

With the exams only one week away, the final push is bound to be emotional and stressful. How Will Yatora do? To find the answer, keep reading. Below you'll find your cheatsheet to Blue Period Episode 7 including its release date, release time, and more!

Blue Period Episode 6 Recap

Yaguchi receives a phone call from Yotasuke, who asks him to meet up. However, Yaguchi's former classmate hangs up abruptly without yielding the reason for his call and without arranging anything after all. To his mother, Yotasuke says that Yaguchi refused to meet him.

As the winter break approaches, things get intense for the aspiring artists. Oba-sensei gives them Christmas cake only to have them make a still life out of it before eating it, while the many assignments promise little rest. Yaguchi controversially asks for ten extra assignments, but Oba only gives him five, urging him to spend the rest of the time experimenting.

New Year finds Yaguchi in unexpected company; Yotasuke, who once again asks him to meet, this time going through with it. Yotasuke reveals that he dislikes Yaguchi because he has everything in life on top of his painting, while Yatosuke feels he only has his art.

For his part, Yaguchi likes Yotasuke, while simultaneously disliking him with an intensity he can't quite understand. This largely stems from Yotasuke's seemingly effortless talent, with Yaguchi envies. Not the noblest of feelings, but definitely relatable for anyone who has ever felt similarly for a colleague who seems to do so much better without even trying.

Back in class after the new year, Yaguchi has an honest discussion with Kuwana, a classmate whose sister is also an article and has always felt that others compare their styles and talent. The two come closer, as they both have some jealousy and confidence issues to unpack.

As the exams approach, the students' struggles intensify, from hives to a hospitalization that reminds us what a stressful and unhealthy time this can be for those lacking support networks. Yaguchi is nevertheless more determined than ever to perform well. Will it be enough?

Blue Period Episode 7 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 7 has already aired on Netflix Japan. Outside of Japan, it was to be available on Netflix from the 20th of November onwards. Unfortunately, Netflix recently announced a week-long delay, meaning that the episode will be available on November 27.

Blue Period Episode 7 Release Time

Blue Period has a slightly different timeline when it comes to Netflix Japan, as Episode 7 has already aired there. The official release date for Episode 7 on Netflix is Saturday, the 27th of November on Netflix outside of Japan. Here are the release times we expect in different timezones:

  • Pacific Time: 12:00 AM
  • Central Time: 2:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 3:00 AM
  • British Time: 8:00 AM

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Blue Period Episode 7 COUNTDOWN

Blue Period Episode 7 Countdown

Less than 4 days before Blue Period Episode 5 hits our screens! Meanwhile, you might also want to check out Taisho Otome Fairy Tale and Tesla Note.

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