Blue Beetle Wins the Weekend Box Office But Still Underperforms

Blue Beetle
Credit: Warner Bros.

Blue Beetle
Credit: Warner Bros.

The new DC film Blue Beetle finally arrived in theaters worldwide last weekend. There's a lot of hope that this recent entry from the franchise will end its box office flop streak and become a huge success this time around.

So far, the reviews have been mostly positive as the critics' scores are higher than most DCEU films and it received a solid CinemaScore of B+ which suggests that the general audience has enjoyed the movie as well.

Obviously, the box office numbers will be the most important indicator of its success and its results will tell the studios whether they should do a sequel when they include the characters in the new DCU franchise.

Now, its opening weekend box office results are in and, unfortunately, it looks like the franchise's losing streak is still far from over.

Blue Beetle Underperforms Despite Topping the Opening Weekend Box Office

Blue Beetle
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Credit: Warner Bros.

According to a report from, Blue Beetle managed to top the weekend box office as it grossed $25.4 million on its three-day premiere including the Thursday night previews.

It dethroned fellow Warner Bros. film Barbie, which has dominated the charts for the past four weeks and is close to becoming the highest-grossing film this year.

However, despite being number one on its opening weekend, it is still considered to be underwhelming as it was projected to gross around $30 million. Including the worldwide numbers, it only had a global opening of $43 million which Variety described as a soft start.

This is definitely not the kind of number that Warner Bros. wanted for its recent DC movie offering, especially after its losing streak. Now, its overall success will depend on whether it will have box office legs.

Fortunately, unlike the other DC films that were released this year, Blue Beetle won't have any major competition in the coming weeks as there are no other family-friendly movies that are slated to release in theaters until The Marvels in November.

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Let's wait and see for now how it will all unfold in the subsequent weeks of its release and whether there will be a word-of-mouth that will push its box office numbers to breakeven similar to Elemental's recent unexpected success.

Blue Beetle is showing in theaters everywhere.

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