Zack Snyder Defends His Decision to Have Superman Kill General Zod in Man of Steel

Man of Steel
Credit: Warner Bros.

Man of Steel
Credit: Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder has once again defended his decision to have Superman kill off General Zod in Man of Steel.

The scene has remained polarizing among fans throughout the years since the film's release as some of them believe that it didn't follow the hero's moral code and no-kill rule.

Now that it's been more than 10 years since the film came out, Snyder has shed light once again on why it was important for Superman to kill the villain during that moment.

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Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Explains Why Superman Had to Kill General Zod

General Zod death in Man of Steel
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Credit: Warner Bros.

In an interview, Snyder explained his decision behind the controversial Man of Steel scene once again and reiterated why it felt like the right choice for Superman during that moment.

"He's not going to stop. He wasn't going to negotiate an outcome, so it was either Zod or us. And that was pretty much the game. There was no like middle ground," he said.

"Zod said he would fight until either you kill me or I kill you.. If Superman can't handle that position, then he's fake, then he's not... You got to like... He's got to address the scenarios that come to him. He can't pick and choose, as you can't pick and choose when something is outside of your morality."

The director made some decent points that could convince some fans who were against the idea of Superman killing off Zod and understand his rationale even if it doesn't follow the character's usual moral code.

However, there are also fans who might not be convinced by Snyder's argument and find a loophole in his explanation.

In the end, it is all subjective, and not everyone will be happy with Snyder's decision even if he provided his own explanation and argument on why it works from his perspective as a filmmaker.

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