Who Would Win: Blue Beetle vs. Batman?

Ben Affleck's Batman in the DCU
Credit: DC

Ben Affleck's Batman in the DCU
Credit: DC

Batman is undoubtedly one of comic book's most established characters, not to mention the most influential. But of course, the caped crusader is not without his weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Blue Beetle who just made his big screen debut in the DC Universe this August is already making waves in the franchise but it begs the question, is he strong enough to beat Batman?

When it comes to comparing superpowers, what better way to settle this than pitting up two suit-reliant characters against each other? In this case, who would win between these two DC heroes: Blue Beetle vs. Batman?

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Is Blue Beetle More Powerful Than Batman?

Let’s take a quick little overview of the two DC heroes, shall we? Both Blue Beetle and Batman solely rely on their super suits when facing opponents during battle.

Both Blue Beetle and Batman also utilize various types of high-tech weapons and gadgets against their enemies on the field.

But what’s the big difference between them? Well, for starters, Batman has more experience in terms of combat and training skills, and of course, there’s the fact that Blue Beetle was depicted to have been mentored by the Dark Knight himself.

Batman sporting his iconic super suit
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Credit: DC

Similar to how Tony Stark fixes and updates the utilities and features of his Iron Man suit, Bruce Wayne uses his wealth, resources, and genius-level intellect in crafting his weapons such as the Batmobile, the Badpod, Batarangs, his iconic utility belt, and more.

Batman has faced countless enemies whether or not he was alongside the Justice League, with his main goal of saving the people in Gotham City and sometimes, the rest of the world when he’s needed.

Heck, if he ever had a weakness, it would be that he doesn’t have any superpowers to defend him. What he’s invented is all he got for his offense and defense during his fights.

Blue Beetle's suit protects its symbiote host, Jaime Reyes
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Credit: DC

Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle suit, on the other hand, not only grants him ultimate protection from any form of harm and death but also high alien technology in the grasp of his hands.

The blue Scarab artifact chose Jaime for a reason and through this bond, the two work together side-by-side to save their skin, and at the same time, for Jaime to use his newfound abilities to defeat his enemies.

Most especially, those who threaten the safety of his family.

Blue Beetle doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to conjuring up weapons and inventions in the snap of a finger. Anything Jaime imagines in his mind comes to fruition at no limitation at all from the suit.

As seen in the Blue Beetle movie, the suit also allows Jaime to be more skilled than he actually is even in hand-to-hand combat, so if he ever faced Batman, he’d pretty much be prepared.

The only weakness the suit has would be involving any magical elements, other inventions made from the Reach, and magnets that could tamper with its normal functions, with the latter being the only possible way Batman could win in this fight.

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Can Blue Beetle Beat Batman in a Fight?

Blue Beetle slices a bus in half
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Credit: DC

Essentially, yes, Blue Beetle can beat Batman in a fight.

Blue Beetle’s suit is programmed to protect its symbiote host, after all, from any possible threats that lurk in the corners.

Batman’s strength, on the other hand, comes from the extent of his intelligence and the inventions he’s crafted before commencing in his battles.

If there ever was a Batman vs. Blue Beetle fight, the blue Scarab could decide to engage in termination or annihilation mode and destroy Bruce Wayne for becoming a target enemy.

But this would only lead to Jaime preventing the suit from committing too violent of a solution, which would leave the hero open, thus having Batman take advantage of the situation and capture the kid in his hands.

However, considering that Jaime is just starting his heroic journey, he would do better in becoming the hero he wants to be with the Scarab if he lets Batman become his mentor, like in the animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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