Who is the Faster Speedster: Quicksilver vs. The Flash?

Ezra Miller as Flash the Scarlet Speedster
Credit: DC

Ezra Miller as Flash the Scarlet Speedster
Credit: DC

Two of comic book's most famous speedsters have always been pitted against each other, Quicksilver and The Flash. Of course, it no longer comes as a surprise considering they’re the most commonly known speedsters in their respective franchises.

The mutant and the Scarlet Speedster have shown great potential behind their origins, even beyond the mere use of speed to their advantage.

But since their speed power is what they're known for, between Quicksilver vs. Flash, who is the faster speedster?

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Quicksilver vs. The Flash’s Speed Explained

Pietro in Avengers: Age of Ultron
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Credit: Marvel

Here is how the two known Speedsters differ from one another.

Quicksilver, aka Pietro, is a mutant whose body can adapt to high-speed running, something we can call ‘Speed Physiology.’

Similar to Flash, his body can metabolize 95% of the calories he eats and can enhance his bones and joints to keep up with the speed he requires in any given situation.

Do consider that the mutant gene will never change his DNA, no matter what place or universe he lands on, he can easily rely on his skills, powers, and abilities all on his own.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen's Flash
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Credit: DC Studios

As for Flash, on the other hand, his ability highly relies on Speed Force, which is a part of the Seven Forces of the Universe.

In that sense, this grants the Scarlet Speedster infinite speed that would allow him to outrun light as many times as he could.

Marvel and DC are two different universes that have their own rules when it comes to accommodating the powers of superheroes and villains.

So what does this say for Quicksilver and the Flash?

Flash’s weakness would be mysteriously landing in a different universe, specifically outside of the DC Universe, where he cannot summon his mind-boggling speed at will.

Here’s another quick little rundown in comparing Quicksilver and Flash: The comics revealed that Flash can run 13 trillion times the speed of light, while Quicksilver can run faster than the speed of sound (770 miles per hour).

If you include how the Ezra Miller-led solo film depicted his powers on the big screens, running faster than the speed of light also led him to travel back in time, which is something Quicksilver doesn’t have the power to do.

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So, Who is the Faster Speedster?

The Flash travels back in time
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Credit: DC Studios

Light waves travel much faster than sound waves since light can travel faster in vacuum and air, rendering Flash the faster speedster of the two.

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There was also one instance in the comic book where this argument was decided over a canon event.

In the JLA/Avengers comics by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, Quicksilver managed to outspeed Flash due to the fact that the Speed Force does not exist in the Marvel Universe.

Just like that, Quicksilver ran at his full speed, passing ahead of Flash. However, he did admit that he realized he was slower than Flash if they had raced during a fair fight.

Even the MCU's Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) exhibited this when he couldn't outrun Ultron's army on time while he was saving Hawkeye and a kid in the middle of battle.

Essentially, both Super Speedsters have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Quicksilver may not be Marvel’s quickest hero, but he can indeed beat the Flash in a universe where the Speed Force doesn’t exist.

The Flash may be vulnerable when he’s not in the DC Universe, but inside his own franchise, he’s unstoppable when it comes to reaching infinite feats with his speed.

Overall, there is no doubt that the Flash is definitely faster than Quicksilver.

If you think about it, the Speed Force simply enhances the Flash’s velocity and movement, strengthening what he already has to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Quicksilver’s strength lies in having natural-born powers through his genes that give him more advantage in taking his powers anywhere with him.

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