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BLACKPINK Rosé's Net Worth: Is She A Billionaire?

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Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

Rosé debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016. She trained with YG Entertainment for four years after acing her audition in 2012.

The K-pop idol has since aced various global music charts as a group member and solo artist. With her apparent success, many seemingly wonder how rich she has become today.

Some say that she is already a billionaire. But is she truly one, alongside other world-renowned billionaires?

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Rosé Is A Korean Billionaire

Rosé is reportedly not the richest member of BLACKPINK. But, she has a whopping net worth of $12 million, according to Channel-Korea.

In technical terms, the K-pop idol is a billionaire only in South Korea. This is because, in Korean won, her net worth equates to about ₩14.2 billion.

But, as to whether she is a global billionaire, she is not, considering that she still has a lot more to fill to become one. Even so, she remains one of the female K-pop stars with the highest net worth figures today, like the rest of the quartet.

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Ventures As A BLACKPINK Member

The On The Ground singer reportedly comes from a well-off family. But, her current wealth and fortune all come from her stint as a South Korean celebrity.

Apart from being a member of BLACKPINK, Rosé has her own solo act, as well. She dropped her debut album in 2021, allowing her to become one of the most successful South Korean artists inside and outside the country.

On top of it all, she also has several endorsement deals. The most high profile among all is her role as a brand ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent.

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Current Promotions, Activities

These days, Rosé seemingly remains active on her solo promotions and engagements. Following the release of her album, R, earlier in 2021, she made headlines across the globe for breaking various records and charts.

Months later, she, alongside CL of 2NE1, became the first female K-pop idol to attend the Met Gala. Consequently, she collaborated with Calm, a meditation and sleep app, before the year concluded.

It remains unclear, though, when Rose and the rest of the group will make a full comeback. BLACKPINK last dropped a complete track collection, THE ALBUM, in 2020.

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