MOMOLAND Drops First MV Teaser With Natti Natasha Ahead Comeback

Credit: MLD ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MLD ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

The long wait for the return of MOMOLAND is almost over. The six-member K-pop act now nears its much-anticipated comeback, with a music video teaser made available.

On Wednesday, MLD Entertainment dropped the material on its official YouTube account. Koreaboo said that the video left a "strong impression" among fans because of the "funky yet sexy" concept.

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First MV Teaser With Natti Natasha

The teaser for the group's new digital single, Yummy Yummy Love, lasts for 14 seconds. It features not only the six members of MOMOLAND, but Natti Natasha, as well, who is working with the idols for the music release.

Aside from the concept, looks, and the artists, themselves, the material also includes the official release date of the new track. It reiterates that the group's comeback will take place on January 14.

Reports, later on, noted that another music video teaser will follow on Thursday.

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2022 Comeback Announcement

Fans and followers first learned about the return of MOMOLAND in late 2021. A report emerged on Soompi, revealing some of the known details about the group's first comeback since 2020.

At the time, it remains unclear what type of release the idols will do come 2022. It was stated, though, that they will debut a new single in early January.

Days later, it was made known that the group will drop a digital track titled, Yummy Yummy Love. It was also revealed that the material is a collaboration with Dominican artist Natti Natasha.

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Activities Prior To Return

The six K-pop idols last made an official comeback in 2020. They did so upon releasing their third single album, Ready Or Not.

It featured iconic singer PSY as a co-writer, according to MEA World Wide. Moreover, the track collection paved the way for the group to achieve "commercial success" in 2020.

While the all-female act did not make a comeback the following year, they surprised their fans with new material. The six K-pop stars did a cover of CHROMANCE's Wrap Me In Plastic, which went viral on media platforms.

For the rest of the year, MOMOLAND did not further drop or debut singles and albums. They made various appearances, though, and participated in different shows and ventures, including their first clothing line.

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