AOA: Former Member Jimin Has Officially Left FNC Entertainment

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More than a year has passed since Jimin made her last appearance and engagement as the leader of AOA. Following the controversies that surrounded her, alongside former member Mina, she left the group and retired from the industry indefinitely.

The act's main rapper also stopped her activities on social media. She maintained her silence about the scandal, and has since remained to do so.

She recently made headlines, though, as the group's agency released an official announcement. Koreaboo reported that it involves the idol's contract with the company, noting that it had already concluded.

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Official Exit From FNC Entertainment

On Thursday, FNC Entertainment relayed an official statement through their official media channels. They announced that their "exclusive contract" with the former leader of AOA has ended on January 12, 2022.

The company consequently stated that they would like to express their "gratitude" to Jimin, who was an artist under them for nine years.

But, while the official relationship between them and the idol has already concluded, the agency urged the public to give their "warm encouragement and support" to the artist for her future plans and endeavors.

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Departure From AOA, And Retirement

Mina left AOA as she decided not to renew her contract with FNC Entertainment in April 2019. The group continued on as a five-member act and dropped an album, New Moon, seven months later.


In July 2020, Mina shocked the public when she made a series of social media posts, alleging that Jimin had bullied her for a decade. The controversy became a scandal, resulting in the departure of the then-group leader.

Although she issued a public apology to Mina, apart from the internal meeting they had the night prior, Jimin decided to exit the group and leave the entertainment industry indefinitely.

Despite her exit, as well as her silence, the scandal seemingly continued to develop as Mina remained vocal about her "resentment" toward her former co-member.

Things began to take a different turn, though, when Dispatch released a report in September 2021, unveiling past events and conversations that involved the group members and even their managers.

To date, the former AOA leader remains silent about the entire debacle. She did, however, make a social media comeback on January 8 to mark her birthday.

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