BLACKPINK Rosé Make-Up: Idol's Favorite Looks, Products Uncovered

The members of BLACKPINK have become global artists because of their hit tracks and other music productions. But, apart from being well-known K-pop idols, they have also become beauty icons across the globe.

The quartet utilizes various looks and styles for each of their productions and performances. Among the four, though, it is Rosé who has been known to prefer light make-up the most.

Harper's Bazaar even noted that she already has a "signature" visual. Alongside the pastel-colored hairstyles, it also features her "puppy liner look" on top of her "porcelain complexion."

The publication consequently released a list of how the BLACKPINK member does her make-up.

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How Rosé Does Her Make-Up

Rosé has clear skin, making it suitable for any type of make-up. But, even so, she is fond of looking all-natural using a light and simple look.

As reported, the K-pop idol's beauty book includes her iconic "puppy eyeliner style." It is said to be much easier to recreate than the cat style.

For her lips, she reportedly prefers a "popsicle-stained" lip, which usually becomes the "crowning glory" of her natural-looking make-up. Aside from adding a pop of color, the gradient lips compliment her eyes, as well, seemingly completing her overall look.

When it comes to the base, the BLACKPINK vocalist reportedly loves non-cakey coverage. It gives the elusive, second-skin finish that makes her make-up more natural-looking both in person and in photos.

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The BLACKPINK Member's "Holy Grail" Items

Daily Vanity previously revealed the make-up products that Rosé deemed her "holy grail."

For her signature coral or pink eyeshadow, the South Korean artist reportedly has her MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow x 9 Palette in Burgundy. As noted, she loves the "more feminine, sweeter look" that it can provide.

As for her lips, the publication claimed that she uses Dior Lip Glow. This is because she is "partial to sheer washes of color" to give her a natural look she likes, unlike the rest of BLACKPINK, who prefers bright shades and tones.

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