BLACKPINK Lisa's Shocking, Uncommon Skin Care Secrets Revealed

Credit: Lilifilm Official/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Lilifilm Official/YouTube Screenshot

Lisa of BLACKPINK has topped beauty charts since her debut. Many deem her as one of the celebrities who have beautiful faces today.

This is why fans and followers have remained curious about how she maintains her beauty and takes good care of her skin. While she seemingly does not always talk about it, reports recalled some of the instances wherein she shared her beauty and skincare secrets.

KpopStarz previously reported that she does three things to keep her skin clear and healthy.

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How Lisa Takes Care Of Her Skin

Apart from her pretty face and healthy skin, Lisa is known for her "killer dance moves." For her, though, dancing is reportedly one of her secrets to having clear skin.

As explained, the BLACKPINK member prefers dancing over working out. This activity allows her to sweat further, which benefits the skin.

Sweating, as it happens, unblocks the pores of the skin. It can also keep the skin clear from inside and out, making it an ideal solution to managing acne.

Alongside sweating through dancing, Lisa reportedly ensures to drink plenty of water. Considering her activities, she is said to have always kept up with her hydration.

In addition, the "Ice Cream" rapper does not use too much make-up. Despite her alleged fondness for it, she only wears a "minimal amount."

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Beauty, Skincare Tips From A BLACKPINK Member

On some occasions, Lisa and the rest of BLACKPINK share some of their skincare routines and tips. In one of their previous engagements, the group's rapper revealed that cleansing is the "most important" aspect of taking good care of herself.

No matter how tiring her day is, she reportedly ensures to "gently remove" her make-up and wash her face. Apart from doing this, though, the K-pop idol pointed out how essential it is to use a quality cleansing product.

Zoom TV Entertainment consequently stated that Lisa is like many other individuals because she suffers from dry skin. This is why she is said to be fond of packing moisturizers on her face before bedtime.

The BLACKPINK member once mentioned using a face massager, as well. As reported, she brings it anywhere she goes as the tool helps in "deeper penetration" of her chosen products.

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