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BLACKPINK Jennie Branded As 'Trendsetter', 'Style Queen' Because Of These Outfits

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Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

There is a reason why the members of BLACKPINK are some of today’s fashion icons. As some of those top figures in this industry, fans look up to them to obtain inspiration from the day-to-day style.

Each member has signature looks that make them distinct and unique from the rest. For Jennie, her penchant for Chanel is one of the things that make up her overall sense of fashion.

Apart from this, though, the group’s lead vocalist has other preferences when it comes to her style. Koreaboo even deemed her a “trendsetter” because of the looks and ensembles she always pulls off.

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Outfits That Make Jennie A "Style Queen"

One of Jennie’s clothing preferences is her crop top and high-waisted bottom style. It has become the “key element” to her “high-teen” style, which she has reportedly pioneered across South Korea.

As asserted, she appears to be fond of them as this style compliments her waist well.

Similar to this ensemble, the BLACKPINK member usually opts for coordinating outfits, as well. Although co-ord sets have already become common among the public, the K-pop idol’s choices of designs and patterns are what seemingly make hers stand out.

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The publication believes that Jennie likes this style because it makes her look taller.

Off-shoulders and one-sided shoulder tops are some of her signature fashion choices, as well. Alongside these pieces, she seemingly loves mini-skirts and shorts, too.

Overall, the BLACKPINK member's top fashion picks all appear to provide benefits to her body features. They are complementary to her figure as they highlight her assets.

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BLACKPINK Vocalist As The "Human Chanel"

Aside from being a “trendsetter,” Jennie is also referred to as a “style queen” or “fashion queen.” This seemingly comes after fans have given her the title, “Human Chanel.”


As it stands, the K-pop idol loves wearing products from the brand. Whether it may be her clothing pieces or her accessories, she always has them with her.

Fans may have first noticed it on the go, but the luxury brand appears to have watched her closely, as well. Three years after the debut of BLACKPINK, Chanel officially made her a brand ambassador, causing her to receive the nickname “Coco Jennie.”

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