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BLACKPINK Workout 2022: Rosé Reportedly Improves Stamina, Flexibility With These Exercises

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

Beauty and talent are some of the things that many fans love about BLACKPINK member Rosé. But, apart from these things, she is also said to be “well-regarded” for her fit and fab body figure.

It may come as a surprise for some, but the K-pop idol is a well-known lover of food. This is why a lot of people are curious to know how she maintains her fitness and keeps herself in shape.

While many would think that she spends significant amounts of time in gyms to work out for hours, this is not the case at all. As reported, she, like her co-members, is not a fan of exercising.

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Rosé Is Not Fond Of Working Out, Like The Rest Of BLACKPINK

Kpop Starz reported that Rosé, similar to the rest of BLACKPINK, has taken advantage of their daily dance rehearsals. They have made it their sole workout regimen to help them stay in shape.

This is reportedly especially true during the early days of their stint as a K-pop group. As explained, they do their dance practices for hours every single day, and so much more when there are upcoming performances and engagements.

For the On The Ground singer, she enjoys all BLACKPINK rehearsals. Aside from helping her burn calories, dancing for her also reportedly helps improve her flexibility and stamina.

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Pilates Sessions Are Part Of Her Routines

Gone are the days, though, when dance rehearsals were Rosé’s only workout regimen. Fans know all too well that she has become a huge enthusiast of Pilates.

South China Morning Post previously said that going for a Pilates session is already a part of the K-pop idol’s routine. She also revealed in one of her interviews that she does it every two days.

Alongside doing the usual Pilates poses and routines, the BLACKPINK vocalist seemingly adds variations to her regimen. As seen in some of the group’s official videos, she utilizes a Pilates machine, as well as a Medicine ball.

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