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BLACKPINK Lisa Diet 2022: Idol's Secret To Slim, Petite Figure Shocked Everyone

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

Many deem Lisa of BLACKPINK as today’s most popular K-pop idol. With the success of her solo ventures, alongside their group’s achievements, it is not surprising why she would become one.

Whatever the case, though, fans and followers remain eager to know more about the K-pop idol. Apart from her love life, product preferences, and signature styles, others are also curious to learn about her diet.

In one of the episodes of Youth With You, a co-judge asked how she maintains her petite and slim figure. Koreaboo reported that her answers shocked her colleagues, as well as the audience.

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How Lisa Maintains Her Figure

Lisa said that she does not do diets. This reportedly appeared to have blown everyone’s mind because of her “ideal” figure.

The BLACKPINK member previously revealed that she does not like to follow diet programs. She seemed to have continued this kind of lifestyle these days, although she has a reasonable explanation.

While she does not have a specific diet, Lisa argued that she does Pilates. For her, the workout regimens she does are already sufficient to burn the extra calories and keep her fit.

The MONEY singer also pointed out that she, alongside her co-members, has dance rehearsals every day. These activities help her figure, as well as her overall health.

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A Daily Detox For The K-Pop Idol

Lifestyle Asia reported, however, that Lisa regularly consumes detox juices. As the public would know, detoxing helps one to maintain their figure, as well as keep health in its optimal state.

The publication did not dwell on the details about her choice of detox juices. But, one can seemingly assume that they all involve healthy ingredients, like fruits and vegetables.

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BLACKPINK Members' Diet As Trainees

Before becoming BLACKPINK, its four members went through rigorous training for years under YG Entertainment. As trainees, they had to follow strict regimens, which cover their diets and workouts.

The members previously shared that they used to observe the restrictions on their meal consumption. They did not, however, disclose the details of their diet back then.

But, things have since changed, especially after their debut as BLACKPINK. The four K-pop idols now reportedly eat what they want, adding that they are all food-lovers.

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