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BLACKPINK Jisoo Poses For Instagram Selfie 'After A Long Time'

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK has yet to make an official comeback since 2020. Despite this, though, they continue to update and engage with their fans and followers through their solo projects and social media accounts.

On Instagram, which is where they appear to be active, the idols regularly upload photos of themselves. For Jisoo, she seemingly began her week with a selfie, as seen on her page on the platform.

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A Selfie For The First Time In Weeks

On Monday, Jisoo shared a set of selfies on her official Instagram account. It houses a total of four photos, featuring her doing a mirror selfie.

In the snaps, she was wearing a knitted vest on top of a long-sleeved plaid blouse. She donned her black hair straight and complimented the look with shiny green nail polish.

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The BLACKPINK visual captioned the post with a simple note. In the translation of the message, she reveals that it is her first selfie in “a long time.”

She did not dwell into the details, though. But, looking at the posts on her account, it appears that she last uploaded a selfie more than three weeks ago.

The post in question has since obtained over 6.2 million likes. It has also amassed more than 68,000 comments.

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About The BLACKPINK Member's Instagram Account

Jisoo is one of the most followed K-pop idols on the said social media platform. Seoul Space reported that she ranks third in the list, next to BLACKPINK co-members, Lisa and Jennie.

To date, she has over 56.9 million followers, although she follows no one, not even her co-members. She, however, posted a link on her page’s bio, leading her audience to the music video of their group’s track, Lovesick Girls, on YouTube.

The BLACKPINK idol has now made a total of 777 posts on Instagram. Some of her most recent uploads are promotional materials for brands, as well as photos of herself, alongside other celebrities and personalities, like her groupmates.

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