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BLACKPINK Fans Slammed YG Entertainment, Demanded Group's Comeback

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

More than a year has passed since BLACKPINK released a music production as a group. Although some of the members dropped their own albums, they are solo collections for their respective debuts.

With the lack of content, in terms of new songs and albums, fans are seemingly getting impatient for the group’s next comeback. This has become more apparent when BLINKS appeared to have “slammed” YG Entertainment on media platforms.

AllKpop reported that the outcry on social media comes after the agency unveiled a new group merch on Tuesday.

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The publication said that, following the merch announcement, many fans took their thoughts to Twitter, causing the fandom's "outrage" to reach global audiences. As explained, the hashtags "BLACKPINK come back now" and "Stop delaying BLACKPINK" trended worldwide on the platform, with more than 300,000 tweets around the globe.

Most of the posts center on BLINKS' anger toward YG Entertainment. Some asserted that the label treats the idols poorly due to the lack of comeback materials. Others had similar sentiments, saying that the fans have waited patiently, but all they get are merch.

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BLACKPINK made their last official comeback as a group in late 2020. They dropped THE ALBUM, which houses eight tracks, including Ice Cream, which is a collaboration between the group and Selena Gomez.

In celebration of the album's success, the K-pop group had their first online concert titled, THE SHOW. It was supposed to take place in December 2020 but, moved to a month later due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In August, they released the documentary film, THE MOVIE, which features the members' interviews, live performances, and other activities in the last five years. Reports said that it is a "love letter" to the BLINK fandom across the globe, marking their five years in the world of South Korean entertainment.

Apart from these materials, the four members of BLACKPINK had their respective individual promotions as they ventured out into their solo careers throughout 2021.

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