Black Clover: Yuki Tabata Addresses Manga's Lengthy Hiatus

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There is little doubt that people have mixed feelings about Black Clover going into a three-month hiatus after the amazing Chapter 330. However, Yuki Tabata has offered hope to his fans. The mangaka has shared a new message explaining the hiatus and promising that the final arc will be well worth the wait!

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that Black Clover will be taking a break from Weekly Shonen Jump. Although it was initially believed that the hiatus will only be for a couple of weeks, it has since been announced that the manga will be taking a three-month break right after the release of Chapter 330.

It's a very long break but Yuki Tabata assures fans there's a good reason for it. The new message from the mangaka was shared by VIZ Media and Tabata is quick to explain that he initially didn't intend for the delay.

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"I personally wished to keep going without taking a break, but after discussing things with the editorial department, we decided that I should take a long break to give me more time to create the final arc," Tabata wrote. He then apologized to his fans for the delay.

"I apologize to those who look forward to reading the new chapters each week. But I plan to do my best to make Black Clover as good as it can be and give it a proper conclusion," Tabata wrote. He concluded with a request from his readers.

"So, I’d appreciate it if you could just wait a little longer," Tabata wrote.


Black Clover's latest story arc concluded with Chapter 330 which confirmed the death of Lucifero. However, the chapter also teased a major development that could be a huge part of the final arc. In the chapter, Adrammalech turned against the King of Devils only to dig into Lucifero's corpse to retrieve Lucifero's heart. Although it is unclear what Adrammalech plans to do with it, Asta might need to keep an eye out on the demon.

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