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Black Adam Sequel Plans Reportedly In Limbo

With the modest box office performance of Black Adam, there have been questions about whether the film will have a sequel despite Dwayne Johnson hinting at such plans prior to release. Considering that they have stated that the film was able to turn a profit, it felt like there is a possibility that they will move forward with a follow-up installment.

However, it looks like we may no longer have to count on that as a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter regarding the current state of the DCU franchise revealed that a sequel to Black Adam is now unlikely to happen.

According to the report, despite the hype that was generated, the box office results didn't exert confidence for them to proceed with a sequel even with the claims that they were able to turn a profit. Considering that the sequel may have rising costs, the film's minimal profit is not viable enough to do a sequel.

In addition, they also claimed that the current management of DC Studios is not happy with Johnson playing up his heavy involvement in the DC franchise and the return of Cavill.

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Of course, there is also the fact that DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran are currently figuring out their plans for the new DCU franchise which may or may not include Johnson's Black Adam. There is no indication at this point if the character will officially be a mainstay moving forward.

While nothing official has been set yet, this news is certainly discouraging for fans who are looking forward to seeing what's next for the character in the franchise, especially since Johnson and his team have shared some plans about the future of Black Adam prior to and during the release of the film.

For now, let's wait and see what Gunn and Safran exactly have in store about the future of Black Adam and his placement in the DCU (if he actually does). One thing's for sure is that a lot of changes are coming ahead soon.

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Black Adam is available to watch on VOD platforms.

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