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Black Adam's Box Office Loss Disputed by New Report

Recently, a report came out that Black Adam is expected to lose a lot of money at the box office, making it yet again another financial disappointment in the franchise. Its reported loss was considered a major setback considering that it was supposedly a certified hit with Dwayne Johnson in the lead.

However, it sounds like the film might actually make a profit after all according to a new report from Deadline that disputed the claims of its disappointing financial results. Apparently, as it turns out, the film will turn a net profit between $52 and $72 million citing sources who were close to the situation.

In a table chart that they showed in the article, the total costs of the film including the marketing spending and profit participation were estimated at around $338 million.

Now, in terms of its revenue which includes the global box office, domestic and international rentals, and home entertainment and TV revenue, they were actually able to garner around $390 million. As a result, the film is being estimated to have a net profit of at least $52 million which does not include yet their extra source of income from the merchandise.

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"I have read the claims that Black Adam will lose money. That is false," executive producer and financier Joe Singer said. "The picture may be considered disappointing since it had Dwayne Johnson in a DC film. However, the picture will pass break-even and throw off a bit of profit."

While the box office numbers may not be as big as what we used to see in the other DCEU films, based on this information, it looks like the studio and the producers are still seeing the financial returns as a big win since they were able to turn a significant amount of profit after all.

Obviously, at the end of the day, it poses the question of whether this signifies that the studio is confident enough to greenlight a sequel. Right now, it is hard to tell since we also know that James Gunn and Peter Safran are working out a bible for their DCU plan. With this new information, it does say that there is a strong possibility that it could happen.

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Black Adam is available to watch on VOD platforms. You can check more details about it here.

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