Birds of Prey: Warner Bros. Hoping to Cast Biracial Singer for Black Canary

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DC looks to be going forward with the heavily rumored Birds of Prey movie, which stars Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and will reportedly include Huntress and Black Canary. There were some rumors that indicated who Warner Bros. wanted for these roles but this next story shows that executives can change their mind a lot.

According to Heroic Hollywood, DC and Warner Bros. are hoping to cast a biracial actress to play Dinah Lance aka Black Canary. It looks like they're all basing the character from her recent DC You series since they're hoping that the actress they cast can also sing. The report also claims that this is the role Lady Gaga was approached for, though she eventually declined.

This move might ruffle some feathers but it's worth noting that the CW version of the character is also biracial. Actress Juliana Harkavy, who portrays the character in Arrow, is also of mixed race, having Russian, Hungarian, Dominican, African and Chinese descent in her blood.


No casting news has been announced just yet, though we should expect some in the coming months given how prioritized this film is. Rumor also has it that Batman villain Black Maskcould be the film's villain, which should add plenty of interest from DC fans.

Birds of Prey currently has no release date.

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