BigBang’s Daesung Breaks Silence Over YG Entertainment Exit

Credit: BIGBANG/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BIGBANG/YouTube Screenshot

BigBang’s Daesung breaks his silence after leaving YG Entertainment, his music label for 16 years, on Monday, January 2. Despite the departure, the original idol seemingly promises to stay as a BigBang member forever.

Daesung talked about his YG exit in a new video on his YouTube channel. He read the letter he wrote as he was about to begin a new journey in his career.

Daesung Discusses YG Departure

The 33-year-old shared how he felt about leaving YG, per AllKpop.

He said,

“Thank you, 'Y'ou were 'G'ood. Thank you. I feel sincerely grateful for looking after me all these years and helping me grow into the person I am today. With deep gratitude in my heart, I embark on this new adventure. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. As nervous as I am about taking this bold step forward, I believe it will definitely be worth it in the end.”

Daesung remains optimistic about his bold move and is ready to see what lies ahead.

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He continued,

“The year 2023 is approaching. Without an inkling as to what the future holds, I take this step forward into the unknown with only a brave heart. And I intend to walk down this road with a stoic determination. Though I'm still quite inexperienced and lacking in many ways, I hope you will continue to show your love and support for my journey. Thank you. Happy new year, everyone."

Daesung also mentioned BigBang in his spiel, promising it would last forever.

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"Someone once said, nothing lasts forever. No. Some things last... forever. It's Big Bang,” he concluded.

Daesung, Taeyang Left YG Entertainment

Before 2022 ended, Daesung and Taeyang left YG.

Daesung parted ways with the company on December 27, while Taeyang signed with The Black Label, YG’s affiliated company,” a day before—December 26.

However, as of this writing, Daesung has yet to decide which label to choose.

Despite their exits, both Daesung and Taeyang will remain as BigBang members.

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“The fact that Daesung is a BIGBANG member has not changed,” YG said in an official statement, via Rappler. “We support Daesung’s choice and new start, and we are always open to cooperating with him.”

Alternatively, the company revealed that the renewal of G-Dragon’s contract is still in negotiations, while T.O.P already left the label in February 2022, though he, too, remains a BigBang member.

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