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BIGBANG TOP Leaves YG Entertainment

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BIGBANG TOP has been playing a huge role in the success of group as he has worked as their rapper for more than a decade. He formally started his journey in the hip-hop industry with G-Dragon, whom he has been friends with since middle school.

G-Dragon contacted TOP when YG Entertainment started scouting for possible individuals who could be part of the agency's boy group. But before trying his luck, he had already established his empire as an underground rapper. So when Yang Hyun-suk saw his videos, TOP was asked to audition but ended up getting rejected because he was too fat.

But within 40 days, he managed to lose 20 kgs and returned to YG Entertainment for another audition.

While his story as an idol wannabe was a rollercoaster ride, TOP recently chose to move forward and leave his home for almost two decades.

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TOP Leaves YG Entertainment

On Monday, YG Entertainment shocked BIGBANG's Fanclub, VIP, when it announced the rapper's departure from the label while revealing the group's long-awaited comeback.

As quoted by Naver, the agency confirmed that BIGBANG would release a new song this spring. It added that the group completed recording the new song and is currently preparing themselves to film its music video.

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But after the good news, YG Entertainment said TOP would no longer be part of them after 16 years.

"TOP's exclusive contract with YG has ended, and he will be taking on a wide variety of new challenges as both an artist and an entrepreneur. We respected TOP's desire to broaden the scope of his individual activities aside from just his promotions with BIGBANG, and he successfully came to an agreement about this with the other members," he said.

While his departure caused rumblings about whether or not he would still be part of BIGBANG, YG Entertainment clarified that TOP would always participate in the group's activities if he is able.

Where Will TOP Work Now?

YG Entertainment did not disclose where exactly TOP would work now. However, the K-pop idol himself already hinted that he was making progress in his career, especially when BIGBANG was out of the spotlight.

Last year, he posted a photo with Josh Abraham, the American producer and CEO of Pulse Music Group. TOP sparked an international comeback since he stayed overseas for a long time.

But with his recent confirmation, it is safe to say that TOP was – instead – preparing for his solo career at that time.

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