BTS Jimin Tops February Individual Idol Brand Reputation Rankings

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jimin, even outside the K-pop group, can shine on his own and beat other idols.

As a member of the most popular K-pop boy group in the world, Jimin also receives the same amount of attention from fans that he ensures he always does well. His impact and influence are no joke, as well, as he excelled as an idol even when he is working outside BTS.

For instance, he ranked 14th among the most popular idol in the 2016 survey conducted by Gallup Korea. He then ranked 7th in 2017 before taking the top spot for two consecutive tweets in 2018 and 2019. But most recently, he became the first K-pop idol to secure the top spot on the brand reputation rankings for individual boy group idols for 34 consecutive months – and his run is still yet to stop.

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BTS Jimin is No. 1 Again

The Korean Business Research Institute released the official brand reputation rankings for individual idols for the month of February. The organization determined the rankings based on the analysis of the fans’ participation from January 2 to February 2.

After reviewing the data, Jimin topped the list with a whopping brand reputation index of 5,682,902. Among the phrases that were attached with his name included “Jeju,” “COVID-19,” “Instagram,” “Surgery,” and “travel,” to name a few.

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Following him on the list are Lee Junho and Kang Daniel with 4,367,152 index and 3,967,058, respectively. Meanwhile, Jungkook and V completed the Top 5.

The other idols who made it to the list include BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Lisa, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, BTS’s Jin, SNSD’s Taeyeon, WINNER’s Song Mino, Apink’s Son Naeun, BLACKPINK Jisoo, Red Velvet’s Irene, aespa’s Winter, Red Velvet’s Joy, SNSD YoonA, aespa’s Karina, SF9’s Rowoon, and BTS’ Suga.

The other BTS members, RM and J-Hope, ranked 25th and 27th, respectively.

BTS Jimin Dominates the List After Health Issue

The new recognition came after Jimin finally shared a health update following his recent health issues.

On WeVerse, the K-pop idol shared messages to his fans as he apologized for making them worry. He posted the update for the first time after undergoing surgery for acute appendicitis and suffering from COVID-19.

“However, I think I’ll be able to get discharged soon! I’m recovering well and I’m making sure to take care and eat all three meals. Please just wait a little bit. I’ll recover quickly and go,” he wrote.


It remains unknown when exactly he would come back. But ARMYs still let him know they are with him amid his personal struggles.

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