Seungri Should Never Come Back to Korean Industry, New Survey Shows

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Seungri, a former BIGBANG member, no longer has the public’s sympathy following his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal.

In May, the Supreme Court ruled on the former K-pop idol’s sentence and reduced the supposed three years of imprisonment to 18 months after showing guilt for his actions. Seungri – whose real name is Lee Seung Hyun -- and his party attempted to have a lower sentence, while the prosecution wanted to have a longer one.

He pleaded guilty to one of the nine charges to an appeal court, saying that he violated the foreign exchange policies related to overseas gambling.

A month after the sentencing happened, Seungri lost everyone’s trust.

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Seungri Should Never Be Allowed To Return to Industry, Survey Shows

The Real Research Korea recently conducted a survey and asked Koreans who should not be allowed to return to the entertainment industry again.

It welcomed 3,507 Korean adults during the survey period from May 9 to May 16.

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AllKpop shared a screenshot of the survey and found that the former BIGBANG member was in the top spot with 66.4 percent. Go Young Wook(66.4percent), Steve Yoo (55.8 percent), G.Na (40.8 percent), and MC Mong (37.6 percent) followed him.

To be exact, Seungri served as a creative director and shareholder of the nightclub, which was founded in 2018. He and more famous people in the industry had been named in several allegations surrounding the nightclub, including police corruption, hidden camera footage, drug distribution, sexual assault, tax evasion, and prostitution.

What Happened to Other Artists?

Aside from Seungri, the people on the list also received condemnation for different reasons.

Singer Go Young Wook found himself in hot water for assaulting three minors. He was sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment, three years of wearing an ankle monitor, and five years of publication of his file.

He attempted to return to social media in 2020 but was banned due to Instagram’s policies that prohibit convicted sex offenders.

Meanwhile, solo singer Steve Yoo stirred criticisms for becoming a naturalized US citizen before his scheduled enlistment. The South Korean government deported him and banned him from entering the country permanently.

G.Na got involved in a damaging scandal in which she was accused of having intercourse with an identified businessman and receiving $30,000 in return.

On the other hand, MC Mong was also involved in a military issue for allegedly extracting multiple healthy teeth to gain exemption. He was later found guilty of the crime.

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