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BIGBANG Daesung Badly Wants To Be Free Amid Busy Life

Credit: BIGBANG/YouTube Screenshot

BIGBANG Daesung connected with his fans through his “anonymous” YouTube channel months after the boy group’s comeback.

Daesung has been having a low-key life since completing his mandatory military service duties in November 2019. While VIPs were waiting for the group’s comeback, the K-pop idol created a then-secret YouTube channel under the name D’splay and posted his first video on Jun. 25, 2020.

Although he has not been involved in any publicized and major activities, he expressed how tired he has been in the past few days.

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BIGBANG Daesung Wants Freedom

On D’splay’s YouTube channel, Daesung shared what he had been up to lately and told his followers and subscribers how he had been wanting to take a rest without thinking about anything.

Fortunately, he found a chance to do so as he no longer thinks of anything at the moment.

"I wanted to place myself in the flow of time. I wanted to feel free. Me with freedom, wow,” he said.

He added that he had not even filmed anything while resting. In fact, he reportedly does not know what to do anymore in his life.

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Daesung and the three remaining members of BIGBANG — G-Dragon, Taeyang, and TOP — returned in April with the group’s newest single, Still Life. It marked their first comeback in four years and the first project as a four-member group after Seungri’s departure and retirement.

Despite the changes, the song made it to Gaon Digital Chart’s number 1 spot, becoming its 11th number one song on the chart.

It also conquered Billboard’s Global 200 and Global Excluding US charts.

What Life Means For Daesung

Elsewhere in the video, Daesung answered the query about the meaning of life to him.

For an idol who has been performing for years, he said that he feels he knows what life is. But at the same time, he feels he does not since it is not easy to keep on learning about it.

"It seems like life is like traveling in a way. One day, you are here, then you are at another place the next day. You settle down somewhere after that, then you leave soon after. That's kind of how I want to live, just aimlessly wandering around different places,” he continued.

Daesung’s words made his fans ponder about those deep thoughts, and they sent him heartfelt messages after posting the clip.

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