YG Entertainment Receives Protest Truck From Fans Demanding For BIGBANG's Comeback

Credit: BIGBANG/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BIGBANG/YouTube Screenshot

YG Entertainment is making BIGBANG fans wait for too long.

BIGBANG's comeback has been one of the hottest petitions K-pop fans demand in the past years. Their reaction is expected since they never saw them perform again since MADE era five years ago.

Although YG Entertainment still assisted them for the group's Last Dance Tour and Run, Big Bang Scout! In 2017, fans need more of them, especially now that Seungri officially left the group.

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VIPs Enraged: Fans Want BIGBANG's Comeback ASAP

Multiple media sites reported that some Korean BIGBANG fans started to protest due to the Kings Of K-pop's lack of promotions. They showed their complaint by sending a truck in front of the agency's building.

The vehicle featured a huge LED screen which showed the words (in Korean): "VIPs (BIGBANG's fanclub) are waiting for a full 4-member group comeback. YG Entertainment promised their full support while renewing their contracts. Up until now, however, YG Entertainment has yet to do even basic work that an agency is required to do."

VIPs also asked the label to take legal actions against people who keep on bombarding the members with malicious rumors and comments. On top of that, they want to see an official confirmation that Seungri – who has been embroiled in the Burning Sun scandal – is no longer part of the group.

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Despite their recent public uproar, some fans understand that the K-pop idols needed to delay their scheduled comebacks for several reasons. From 2017 to 2019, all members began and completed their mandatory military enlistments.

BIGBANG also dealt with a number of controversies, including TOP's drug scandal and Seungri's issue.

They were supposed to appear as a 4-membered group during the 2020 Coachella Festival, but the event got canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will BIGBANG's Comeback Happen?

Fans need to hold onto their remaining hopes as the members have already dropped hints about their impending return.

Before the protest truck was parked in front of YG Entertainment, members G-Dragon, Taeyang Daesung, and TOP showed clues that they would be back soon.

For what it's worth, Taeyang told VIPs during his birthday in May to "patiently wait," cryptically telling fans that BIGBANG's comeback is already around the corner. Meanwhile, TOP met Josh Abraham, the CEO of Pulse Music Group, during his visit to Los Angeles this year.

Meanwhile, Daesung uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he revealed that he began studying English and even practiced his skills by reading "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" book by Roald Dahl.

With that, BIGBANG indeed assured their fans they would come back real soon.

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