Big Mouth Episode 7 Recap: Lee Jong Suk Gets Played By The Real Big Mouse + Girls' Generation YoonA Takes Matters On Her Own

Credit: Disney Plus Korea/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Disney Plus Korea/YouTube Screenshot

MBC TV Kdrama Big Mouth continuously gets viewers’ attention with its exciting storyline. Spearheaded by Girls’ Generation YoonA and actor Lee Jong Suk, this hard-boiled noir series is directed by Oh Choong Hwan and written by Kim Ha Ram.

Big Mouth Episode 7 aired on August 19, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 7 received a nationwide viewership rating of 11.2%. This was a 0.4% increase compared to the previous episode’s rating and has become the series’ new personal best.

Here is a Big Mouth Episode 7 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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Big Mouth Episode 7 Recap

Big Mouth Episode 7 sees Chairman Yang and Park Changho staging a fight that can fool Han Jaeho into thinking he was saved from death. Chairman Yang made him believe that Gong Jihoon wanted him dead, while Park Changho came to save him and give him a chance to confess to the court.

However, Han Jaeho thinks that his life will be a living hell when he speaks in court. Park Changho takes that matter behind and continues his plan to trap the real Big Mouse.

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Girls’ Generation YoonA Takes Extra Efforts In Unfolding The Truth In Big Mouth Episode 7

Go Miho believes that the recent death of a patient under the DNR rule has something to do with Professor Seo’s research paper. She reveals her plan of getting a blood sample from the deceased patient to her father and requests to have it submitted to a friend in the forensic institute.

But taking a blood sample from a deceased patient was not easy. Director Hyun caught Miho off guard. The nurses checked her belongings, but there was nothing suspicious.

It turns out that Miho hid the blood sample inside the morgue, and she took it with her when no one was manning in the security room. However, Miho gets attacked by an unknown person while she is inside the elevator.

Thankfully, the elevator door opened, and Mayor Choi Doha was there to save her. Miho tells the mayor about her plans.

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Lee Jong Suk Gets Played By The Real Big Mouse In Big Mouth Episode 7

Changho thought he had finally caught the Big Mouse when he saw Jerry coming out of the confession room through the secret camera he had planted inside the church.

But Jerry swore that he did not take the tarot card from the Bible and that he was only curious why Changho kept on coming in and out of the confession room.

Jerry then realised that Changho was not the real Big Mouse. He stopped serving him and even ate at a different table than his.

Feeling betrayed, Jerry accepted Gong Jihoon’s offer but on one condition. He must give the drugged energy drink to Changho.

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Jerry did what he was told to do. He gives the energy drink to Changho and bids the other prisoners goodbye as he finally gets released from the prison.

However, an ambulance came rushing out of the penitentiary. And right at that moment, Miho and her father got out of the car. Jerry told them that Changho was inside the ambulance.

Meanwhile, Miho felt that the ambulance is taking Changho somewhere far. They stopped the ambulance and brought Changho to Gucheon Hospital. As soon as he felt better, the prison guards took him away.

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