Big Mouth Episode 14 Recap: Lee Jong Suk Fakes His Death + Girls' Generation YoonA Thinks She Has Leukemia

Credit: ASTORY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ASTORY/YouTube Screenshot

MBC TV Kdrama Big Mouth has only two episodes left and is nearing its end. Spearheaded by Girls' Generation YoonA and actor Lee Jong Suk, this hard-boiled noir series is directed by Oh Choong Hwan and written by Kim Ha Ram.

Big Mouth Episode 14 aired on September 10, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 14 received a nationwide viewership rating of 10.6%. This was a 2.3% increase compared to the previous episode's rating.

Here is a Big Mouth Episode 14 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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Big Mouth Episode 14 Recap

Big Mouth Episode 14 sees Changho pretending to join hands with Chairman Kang in destroying the new Big Mouse. Changho asks for the elder's support as he tries to win a position as the city mayor.

Although it is obvious that Changho's boldness threatens Mayor Choi Doha, he suppresses his fury and executes his own plans. On the other hand, Changho successfully earns Chairman Kang's trust and gets invited to his upcoming birthday party.

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Lee Jong Suk Fakes His Death In Big Mouth Episode 14

While Miho is at Chairman Kang's party, Changho is on his way to where Park Yoongab is. He gets captured, and a video call suddenly connects him with Mayor Choi Doha. The once nice and pure mayor seems delighted at the dreadful sight of Changho, and he obviously cannot hide his emotions, especially once Park Yoongab pulls the trigger and shoots the new Big Mouse to his death.

On the other hand, Miho gets hysterical as soon as she receives a call from Jerry notifying her of Changho's death. Miho rushes to where Mayor Choi Doha is and declares war with him. Mayor Choi Doha escapes Miho's angered state and goes to the abandoned building where Changho has met his end.

However, it was all a ploy, and it turned out that Changho was alive. He shows Chairman Kang the true nature of Mayor Choi Doha and reveals that he is actually the grandson of the elder's deceased friend.

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Girls' Generation YoonA Is Heartbroken In Big Mouth Episode 14

Miho gets hospitalized after experiencing shock from knowing Changho's death. Thankfully, Changho arrives at the hospital to see his wife. He reveals everything to Miho, which had her sigh in relief.

The next morning, Miho was brushing her teeth and discovered that she might have leukaemia, just like the psychopath prisoner had told her before. She might have gotten the disease when she tried to save him.

Meanwhile, news of Chairman Kang's passing covered the city. Mayor Choi Doha had killed him the night before, executing his plans for revenge. He becomes the chief mourner during the funeral.

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And when he thinks everything is going smoothly according to his plans, Mayor Choi Doha sees Changho alive and well. Changho warns Mayor Choi Doha about what will happen next and calls him by his real name.

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