Little Women Episode 1 Recap: Kim Go Eun Loses A Dear Friend + Nam Ji Hyun Digs Into An Old Case

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Go Eun returns with the new tvN Kdrama Little Women, and here's an episode 1 recap. Starring alongside Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ki Joon, and Wi Ha Joon, the series depicts the story of three poor but friendly sisters facing the richest and most powerful family in South Korea.

Little Women Episode 1 was released on September 3, 2022, and simultaneously streamed on Netflix. Here is a Little Women Episode 1 recap and everything you need to know about the recently premiered Kdrama.

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Little Women Episode 1 Recap

little women episode 1 recap
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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot
Kim Go Eun in the Netflix Kdrama Little Women

Little Women Episode 1 sees a simple yet happy life with three sisters Oh In-Joo, Oh In-Kyung, and Oh In-Hye. As the eldest of the three, In-Joo promises not to let their youngest sister experience the same things they experienced during childhood.

It was In-Hye’s birthday, and her two sisters prepared a surprise for her. In-joo recalled the birthday party where she had boiled eggs instead of cakes in front of her friends, and said, "I'm glad I'm living as much as others."

In between their meal, In-Joo and In-Kyung ask her what she wants for her birthday. Although her initial wish was to have a nose job, In-Joo and In-Kyung’s gifts were so much to make her happy.

It turns out that In-Joo and In-Kyung had saved money to send In-Hye on a Europe field trip.

However, their mother was not happy about it. She felt resentful when she saw In-Hye holding a heap of money. That night, their mother leaves them, taking the money intended for In-Hye’s field trip with her.

The next morning, In-Joo sees a note from their mother informing them about her intentions. Although filled with anger, In-Joo decides to forget about what happened and move on with their lives. She musters her courage to ask for an advanced payment from her job but is cruelly declined.

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Nam Ji Hyun Investigates an Old Case in Little Women Episode 1

On the other hand, Oh In-Kyung is always passionate about her job, and even though her colleagues belittle her, she never complains and just continues doing what she is good at. Her competence was tested when her superior assigned her to investigate a case that would make good use of her talent.

She starts to dig into a four-year-old case involving a candidate for Mayor and his supposed illegal slush fund. In-Kyung takes matters to another level when she asks Park Jae-Sang about the case. She managed to get another lead, but her career got into ruins.

The video of her talking to Park Jae-Sang trended on the internet, negatively affecting her career. Park Jae-Sang accused her of being drunk while on duty, which her colleague confirmed. It turns out that the mouthwash she was seen drinking more than a couple of times a day is tequila.

In-Kyung gets suspended for a month. But Park Jae-Sang scares her much more dangerous possibility of being cornered and targeted.

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Kim Go Eun Loses a Friend in Little Women Episode 1

Meanwhile, In-Joo is invited by her work friend Hwa-Young to an expensive restaurant. Hwa-Young lets In-Joo experience what it feels like to be rich and even gives her advice on how she can handle her bullies at work. She also lent her the money she needed, alongside a copy of all the dirty secrets of the people in the company.

However, things went south when Hwa-Young did not return to South Korea after a Singapore business trip. Hwa-Young’s co-worker, Choi Do-Il, reaches out to In-Joo to check if she knows what happened to her.

In-Joo decides to go to Hwa-Young’s home but is met with a heartbreaking sight. Hwa-Young committed suicide, leaving behind bags of luxury items. She also transferred her yoga membership to In-Joo.

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When In-Joo comes to the yoga building, she feels half-happy. Indeed, she is experiencing another unexpected opportunity, but losing a friend is too devastating.

In-Joo opens Hwa-Young’s yoga locker and discovers the money she had supposedly stolen from their company’s illegal slush fund.

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