Big Brother Season 24 Spoilers, Updates & Predictions: Did Michael Make A Mistake By Not Nominating Turner For Eviction?

Credit: Us Weekly/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Us Weekly/YouTube Screenshot

Big Brother Season 24 is down to its last few weeks before a new winner is crowned. This season is extra-special because, for the first time in Big Brother history, the winner will bring home $750,000 instead of the usual $500,000 grand prize. Still in the running for the top spot are Michael Bruner, Alyssa Snider, Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, Matthew Turner, Terrance Higgins, and Brittany Hoopes.

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Michael Bruner Is Crowned As HOH Again In Big Brother Season 24

This week, a new Head of Household (HOH) was crowned, and it’s no surprise that Michael earned his third HOH this season. If he didn’t win this week, he would most definitely be sent packing because all the remaining houseguests want him out. After all, they know that he’s a competition beast, and ending up with him in the final two would ensure that he will be this season’s winner.

Michael has no idea that when Turner was HOH, he had a backdoor plan in place to get him out of the house. But since Michael promised Turner that he wouldn’t vote him out if he becomes HOH, he now needs to put his entire game at risk by keeping him in the house.

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Michael Bruner Might Still Put Matthew Turner Up On The Block This Week In Big Brother Season 24

If Michael doesn’t evict Turner or Monte this week, the two former members of their alliance wouldn’t have any problem going back on their word and putting Michael up on the block.

In the recent episode, Michael said that he’s torn between his morals and his game because he knows that Turner could put him up on the block, but he also wants to stay true to his word. After all, he thinks that not living up to his promise to keep Turner safe would not sit well with the members of the jury.

Michael has the opportunity to win it all, but he needs to be careful with who he trusts. After all, there could only be one winner. And during the nominations meeting, he decided to put up Terrance and Alyssa because they never aligned with him game-wise.

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Will Terrance Higgins Or Alyssa Snider Be Evicted From The Big Brother Season 24 House?

So, either Terrance or Alyssa could be sent out the door come eviction night. But Michael still has the opportunity to evict Turner if he finds out the information about what happened when the houses were split into two.

Since Big Brother is all about strategy and luck, it’s still anyone’s ball game at this point. But needless to say, every move counts.

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