15 Greatest Action Romance Anime of All Time

15 Greatest Action Romance Anime Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

15 Greatest Action Romance Anime Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Romance and action are two genres that dominate the anime world. However, it is an absolute treat when fans are treated with a combination of the two genres. So, we came up with a list of the greatest action romance anime that you should not miss!

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  1. Inuyasha

    Inuyasha beautifully blends fantasy, action, and romance as it follows Kagome Higurashi, who is pulled inside a well by a demon.

    Later, she finds herself in feudal Japan’s Sengoku period. Moreover, she learns that a mysterious jewel has rebirthed inside her.

    However, during a confrontation, the jewel gets shattered into several pieces. She must retrieve the shards of the jewel from the demons who want to gain its powers.

    Now, she teams up with half-demon Inuyasha, who himself is looking for the jewel, to find the missing shards before they fall into the wrong hands.

  2. Shakugan no Shana

    Mysterious creatures named Crimson Denizens from the parallel universe have slaughtered humans and destroyed life energy.

    These beasts only leave behind a faint reminder of the fallen souls named Torches.

    Meanwhile, warriors named Flame Hazes are relentlessly battling against these otherworldly monsters.

    Yuuji Sakai is a regular high school boy but he gets attacked by a Crimson Denizen. Fortunately, an unknown girl appears and saves him from the beast.

    However, before Yuuji could find out what happened, he becomes a Torch. Can this mysterious girl save Yuuji and revive his soul?

  3. The Familiar of Zero

    Louise is an aspiring magician. However, her fellow classmates at the Tristein Academy like to call her Zero Louise because her magical skills are zero.

    She is terrible when it comes to magic and often goes wrong with her spells.

    Meanwhile, for an important magic test, she needs to summon a familiar who can be her slave.

    She wants to prove her worth and summons up all her spells to call a beautiful and powerful familiar. But she ends up with an ordinary boy named Saito Hiraga.

    The Familiar of Zero is a romantic action anime with elements of fantasy. The series follows the dynamics of Saito and Louise as they get stuck with each other.

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  4. Boarding School Juliet

    Boarding School Juliet is set in Dahlia Academy, where two feuding nations come together.

    The White Cats of the Principality of West, and the Black Doggies of the Eastern Nation of Touwa are constantly battling against each other.

    Juliet Persia and Romio Inuzaka are the leaders of their dorms and are known to be arch-enemies.

    However, Romio and Juliet, secretly, love each other. Outing their relationship would send shockwaves in their respective dorms.

    They hide their relationship for the sake of peace. But they miss out on all the things a couple would do.

    As their bond grows stronger, they realize that the duo cannot hide their love and eventually they will have to make their relationship public.

  5. Yona of the Dawn

    Yona is the only remaining heir of King II of Kouka, the land that is believed to have been established by four dragons.

    She lives a comfortable life with her cousin Soo-won in the royal palace. Yona loves Soo-won and married him despite her father’s opposition.

    Her life takes a turn for the worse when Soo-won kills her father and takes over the throne.

    Now, Yona has no option but to team up with her bodyguard and childhood friend Hak.

    She and Hak decide to retreat in order to assemble allies and reclaim the kingdom.

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  6. Guilty Crown

    A meteorite crashed into Japan turning Shu’s world upside down. Moreover, a dangerous Apocalypse Virus is unleashed after the crash.

    The chaos results in Shu’s family getting wiped out and he goes into a shell.

    Meanwhile, there is another unexpected twist waiting for Shu and his encounter with Inori, a rising pop star.

    Inori possesses a vial containing a substance that can genetically mutate anyone.

    Accidentally, the contents of the vial get on Shu’s hand and now he can turn mortals into weapons. Shu, who now possesses incredible powers, is caught in the crossfire.

    On one side is a dangerous government agency, while on the other is Inori and a group of rebels named Funeral Parlor.

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  7. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

    Modern magic users who can build weapons using their souls are called Magic Knights.

    Ikki Kurogane, the protagonist of this action and school romance anime, goes to an academy for the Magic Knights.

    Sadly, he is called the Failed Knight because he doesn’t have any magical skills.

    His life changes when he is challenged to a battle by a foreign princess named Stella. She also happens to be the number one student at the academy.

    The loser of the duel will be the winner’s slave for life. Can the Failed Knight rise and defeat the princess?

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  8. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

    Akatsuki is a rogue hero in the fantasy world called Arezard. After defeating the Demon King, he returns to earth with the king’s daughter named Miu.

    However, they are forced to hide her identity and pose her as Akatsuki’s younger sister.

    Later, Akatsuki and Miu join Babel, an academy that specializes in training returnees who came back from other mystical worlds.

    Babel was founded with the mission to guide interdimensional travelers to the right path for humanity’s sake.

    However, the real mission of the academy remains a mystery to Akatsuki and Miu. Can they work together as fake siblings and unravel the mystery of Babel?

    Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is an ecchi anime with a romantic subplot blossoming between Miu and Akatsuki.

  9. Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life In the Countryside

    Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life In the Countryside follows a D-rank adventurer named Red.

    He is leading a peaceful life near the borders of Zoltan. Through sheer hard work, he is able to kick-start his apothecary.

    Suddenly, Red ends up with a live-in partner, who also is his assistant, named Rit. She is an adventurer like Red but also the princess of Duchy Loggervia.

    However, Red is hiding his real identity from the world and only Rit knows that he is Gideon.

    He was the hero of a party but was kicked out by Ares Drowa after the battle against the Demon Lord.

    Red has left the old world and its ways behind, but the past is still surfacing in front of him.

  10. The Vision of Escaflowne

    The Vision of Escaflowne is a romantic, adventure anime with isekai and mecha themes.

    The anime showcases a high school student named Hitomi getting transported to a magical world called Gaea.

    At Gaea, Hitomi meets a boy prince called Van Fanel. She gets caught in Van’s mission to unite the nations of Gaea and make them battle against the Zaibach Empire.

    As the anime progresses, she explores a mysterious ability. Also, she is striving to know more about Van, his life, and a massive machine called the Escaflowne.

  11. Dance in the Vampire Bund

    A supernatural romance anime with a heavy dose of action, Dance in the Vampire Bund is all about vampires, humans, and werewolves fighting for survival and power.

    The princess of a covenant and leader of vampires, Mina, wants the vampires to come out of hiding.

    She uses the enormous wealth she has to pay off the nation’s entire debt.

    Eventually, she gets the right to make a district close to Japan’s coast where vampires can settle.

    However, before she can publicly announce the same, there are several parties who want to assassinate her.

    Now, Mina has to rely on her powers and strength to fight off the forces that are working against the vampires.

  12. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

    For countless years, the paradise of witches called the Nebulis Sovereignty and the technologically advanced Empire are engaged in a war.

    This historic battle becomes the ground for the chance encounter of two fighters – Aliceliese, the witch princess, and a master swordsman named Iska.

    As enemies, they desire to fight for their nations. However, Iska is mesmerized by the princess’s enchanting beauty, while she is touched by his incredible will and power.

    In the middle of the war, they have no choice but to kill each other or find another way to be together.

  13. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is one such anime that has fantasy, adventure, horror, and romance with several underlying themes like death, the butterfly effect, parallel universe, and more.

    Subaru Natsuki is a high schooler who gets stuck in an alternate world. But a mystical silver-haired girl, Satella, comes and saves him.

    Subaru wants to thank her for saving his life. Meanwhile, Satella is looking for someone who stole her insignia. He offers to help her find it.

    However, the duo remains unaware that an evil force is stalking them. Just moments after finding the stolen insignia, Satella, and Subaru are brutally killed.

    Surprisingly, Subaru immediately awakens in a similar scene. Moreover, he meets Satella again. Turns out, Subaru can rewind death.

  14. Trinity Seven

    A strange event named the Breakdown Phenomenon destroys the prime protagonist, Arata Kasuga’s town. Moreover, the inhabitants of the town vanish.

    However, everything is not lost for Arata who uses the grimoire provided to him by his cousin and childhood friend Hijiri Kasuga.

    He can use the magical grimoire to artificially reconstruct his world. Meanwhile, to investigate the bizarre phenomenon, Lilith Asami arrives before Arata, who sees his artificially created world suddenly disintegrate.

    Arata gets two options – surrender the grimoire or prepare to die. However, he chooses the third option which allows him to join forces with Lilith and a few other magical users.

    Arata, Lilith, and the five magical users form Trinity Seven, an elite force of the academy whose members are skilled and powerful.

    In the meantime, Arata vows to save Hijiri and prevent the annihilation of his hometown.

  15. Sword Art Online

    Sword Art Online is one of the most noted anime in the romance-action genre sprinkled with video game and love polygon themes.

    Post the release of the NerveGears, gamers worldwide can immerse themselves in virtual reality.

    One of the most famous games on the console is Sword Art Online, which allows users to explore the magical world of Aincrad.

    Once in Aincrad, gamers can test the limit of their imagination and do anything they want.

    However, soon this fantasy-based virtual reality becomes a never-ending nightmare for thousands of players who are trapped inside the game.

    The log-out function is missing from the game and the only way for the players to exit is by clearing all 100 levels.

    To complicate matters, the deaths inside the game are now permanent, thereby ending the player’s life outside Aincrad too.

    Kazuto Kirito Kirigaya is one of the beta testers of the game and like many others, he too is stuck inside the game.

    However, he realizes that he needs to form a force to overcome the various challenges in Sword Art Online.

    He teams up with Asuna Yuki and several other players in an attempt to fight the evil inside the game.

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