Berserk Manga Release Schedule: When Do New Chapters Come Out?

Berserk Manga Release Schedule: When Will New Chapters Come Out?

Berserk Manga Release Schedule: When Will New Chapters Come Out?

Just as it felt like we would never see the end of the dark fantasy manga, Berserk has come roaring back under new writers! With the series now running again, here is the latest Berserk manga release schedule so you know when new chapters are coming.

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Where to Read the New Berserk Chapters Legally Online

Berserk Manga Release Schedule Where to Read New Chapters
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Credit: Hakusensha, Kentarou Miura, Studio Gaga, Kouji Mori

Currently, there is no way to read legal translations of new Berserk chapters as they are released.

As initially suggested by the Berserk Subreddit, you can purchase digital copies of Young Animal Magazine, where Berserk is serialised, to support the creators. These are available as each new issue is released in Japan, albeit only in Japanese.

What is the New Berserk Manga’s Release Schedule?

Berserk Manga Release Schedule
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Unfortunately for fans desperate to see what happens next, it looks like Berserk is returning to a somewhat unreliable release schedule, as might be expected given the task ahead.

Upon its return in 2022, new chapters were generally released every fortnight in each new issue of Young Animal Magazine. The magazine releases new issues on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

However, after chapter 371's release, fans have been left waiting for over a month for the next chapter. There has also been no word from Berserk's creators regarding the nature of the delay or when something may be expected.

Delays aren't exactly new for Berserk, however. Miura's series was previously published intermittently, and there were always going to be some issues discovered by the new Berserk writers during this unique production.

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For How Long Will Berserk Continue Under the New Writers?

Assuming everything goes according to plan, it’s expected that Berserk will be continuing under its new writing team for a while yet.

In the return announcement by publishers Hakusensha, it was stated that there are plans for a new arc after the first six new chapters.

It’s not known what direction the new team, supervised by Kouji Mori, will take the series. Of course, they have the option of attempting to close the series early. That feels unlikely but shouldn’t be ruled out.

Regardless, it’s fair to expect at least a good few months of new Berserk content. That is more than even the most passionate Berserk fan could have hoped for about a year ago.

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