Who is Writing Berserk Now? Will It Have an Ending?

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Who is Writing Berserk Guts
Credit: GEMBA, Millepensee, Liden Films

On May 6, 2021, legendary manga artist Kentaro Miura passed away at the age of 54. The artist's death means that Berserk remains unfinished. Does this mean that Berserk will never have an ending, or will someone else write it moving forward?

Here is the latest on the hit series:

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Will Berserk Ever End?

Will Berserk Have an Ending?
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Credit: GEMBA, Millepensee, Liden Films

As of June 2022, it was confirmed that Kentaro Miura's team known as Studio Gaga, will continue writing Berserk. The manga has gone on for a very long time, and there is no indication about an ending being planned soon - so we can assume that Studio Gaga will, eventually, complete Berserk.

Before the good news, some fans suggested that Chapter 363, the last one to be published while Miura was alive, worked as a finale in some ways. For example, it gives closure to Skull Knight, who visits the grave of his lost love.

In what was a rare peaceful chapter, everyone was very much in character, and Guts' words "forget about determining the ending" might give you goosebumps if you read them retrospectively.

The chapter ends with the appearance of the enigmatic Moonlight Boy, suggesting a new beginning. Nevertheless, there is an eerie beauty in the chapter, and it would definitely work as an ending better than others.

For some, it would feel wrong to continue the Berserk manga without Kentaro Miura, but the decision to continue the manga without him wasn't taken lightly and the result will hopefully honor his vision.

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Who is Writing Berserk Moving Forward?

Who Will Write Berserk Moving Forward?
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In June 2022, it was announced that the manga will be written by Studio Gaga, Miura's studio of apprentices and assistants, with the supervision of Kouji Mori.

Mori was a close friend whom Miura often consulted for the plot of Berserk. It is, therefore, likely that he knows more details than most about the beloved story, and perhaps even Miura's intended direction for the plot and ending.

Back in May 21, 2021, one of Miura's assistants tweeted something along the lines of "I will do my best."

This was interpreted by many fans as a promise to see Berserk through to the end. It turns out that this will indeed be the case, as a new chapter 365 is scheduled to appear on the 13th issue of Young Animal.

Meanwhile, the best fans can do is honoring Miura's memory by cherishing what parts of his work are already with us.


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