Benedict Wong Expresses Interest in a Disney+ Show Featuring No Way Home's Ned

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Being a side character for Doctor Strange, Benedict Wong's Sorcerer sidekick Wong now plays a prominent role in the MCU's Phase 4. And according to his recent statement, he insists that he is the Nick Fury of this current MCU saga as his character was spotted in almost every Phase 4 film.

Wong was last seen in last year's MCU box office milestone, Spider-Man: No Way Home which also confirmed that he is now the Sorcerer Supreme. For now, Wong is set to appear on the highly-anticipated Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Now that Wong has undoubtedly earned the 'fan-beloved' character title, fans are wondering if there's a possibility of a solo project for the character.

Luckily, Wong has some ideas about a potential spinoff and who his co-star should be.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness star Benedict Wong sat as a guest for Amon Warmann's Fade to Black podcast and discussed the possibility of a potential Disney+ spinoff centered with Wong and No Way Home's Ned.

Wong explained, "Well look, hey, I'll just have to wait for the Wong-tourage to kind of make the placards, they're rioting in the streets now. Hey, what do we say? It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? I’d certainly be up for it, definitely. Where’d we go with that? We could go anywhere. So far, we always have Wong go through a portal and we don’t know what happened for the last 5 years so maybe there’s a [story] in it. Yeah, like a 5-year series. And some, they [Marvel Studios] do it so well."

"I’d quite like the idea of the sorcerer and the apprentice with Ned as my apprentice," said Wong. "Obviously, he’s got a few of the old portal skills."

Wong's pitch on the spinoff that crossovers him with another fan-beloved Spider-Man character Ned is certainly a good idea. However, this pitch doesn't look very plausible at this point, especially since the two actors currently belong to a different franchise. Wong is in the MCU while Ned belongs with Sony.

However, No Way Home's ending gives a fresh slate for Ned, making his future in the MCU unknown and the writers could definitely play more with his character. If ever Marvel's writers are listening, the sorcerer apprentice storyline would make sense after Ned easily opened up portals in No Way Home, making the potential series an exploration of Ned's magical connection.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will hit theaters on May 4.

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