Ben Affleck’s Mom Allegedly Likes Jennifer Garner More Than Jennifer Lopez, Giving The Hustlers Star A Lukewarm Treatment

Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube Screenshot

Ben Affleck has a close relationship with his family, particularly his mom, Christine Boldt, and brother, Casey Affleck. Throughout the past couple of years, Affleck has been photographed hanging out with Boldt and his children. But since he started dating Jennifer Lopez, the mother and son's outings have been quite rare.

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Does Ben Affleck's Mom Christine Boldt Like Jennifer Garner More Than Jennifer Lopez?

Suggest was forced to debunk the ongoing rumors claiming that Ben Affleck's mom favors his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, more than his current wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Even though Affleck and Lopez dated way before the actor met Garner, Boldt and her relatives allegedly warmed up to the Alias star much faster than Lopez. In fact, Lopez allegedly is struggling to get her husband's family's approval.

An unnamed source alleged that Affleck's family noticed a number of Lopez's negative traits even before she wed the Batman v Superman actor. For instance, they allegedly find Lopez too controlling.

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Ben Affleck Allegedly Wants His Family To Accept And Love Jennifer Lopez

Since Affleck is madly in love with his wife, his wish is for Lopez and his relatives to get along. However, everyone's been pretty lukewarm toward Lopez.

"Ben's mom is polite about Jennifer and cordial, of course, as are his brother and skeptical buddies like Matt. But the shared view is Jennifer's got a lot of proving to do, and it'll take a lot for her to charm the Afflecks," a source said.

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Jennifer Lopez Is On Good Terms With Ben Affleck's Family

However, Suggest confirmed that the claims couldn't be true. After all, no one knows what Boldt really thinks of Lopez because she's a private citizen who has not opened up about her son's relationship with the World of Dance alum.

It's not also true that Affleck's other relatives, particularly his brother Casey, dislike Lopez. After the couple tied the knot in Georgia, Casey gave his new sister-in-law a sweet shoutout on social media. He also welcomed Lopez into their dysfunctional family.

The post proves that Casey and Lopez have banter because the former's post was meant as a joke toward his own family.

"What a kind thing to say to your sister-in-law. This proves the Affleck family as a whole is hardly rejecting Lopez. As for Boldt, we just don't buy that this tabloid would have any access to her whatsoever," Suggest said.

Following their wedding, Lopez and Affleck jetted off to Italy for a quick honeymoon. When they returned to the United States, they made several public appearances.

Most recently, the couple proved just how loved-up they truly are after they stepped out in public wearing matching all-white ensembles, according to Harper's Bazaar.

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