Jennifer Garner Allegedly Shocked, Devastated Following Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s Wedding Because She Hoped They Wouldn’t Push Through With Their Plans To Settle Down

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Jennifer Garner skipped Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's wedding in Georgia last month due to some personal reasons. But this doesn't mean that there's bad blood between the exes, as well as Garner and Lopez. However, one publication previously insisted that this was the case.

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Did Jennifer Garner Have Negative Feelings About Ben Affleck Marrying Jennifer Lopez?

According to a dubious report, Jennifer Garner was shocked and devastated after she found out that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pushed through with their plans to tie the knot. After all, she didn't think that the couple would end up at the altar.


"She's still processing the news and very shocked and kind of devastated, partly because she didn't think he'd go through with it, but also because of her feelings toward J.Lo. Now Jen has to deal with the annoying prospect of a lot more one-on-one time with J.Lo, and that's going to be awkward and uncomfortable," a source said (Pop Culture).

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Ben Affleck Allegedly Shocked He And Jennifer Lopez Tied The Knot Immediately


Us Weekly also published a similar story about Affleck and Lopez, claiming that even the Batman v Superman actor was surprised they rushed to the altar after just one year of dating. After all, Affleck is a very busy man, and he has a lot of things on his plate on top of his children, career, and his relationship with Lopez.

"He clearly has a lot going on right now with Jennifer and all the attention that comes with their relationship, along with his demanding career and, of course, his kids. He's being pulled in a lot of directions-and that's something that quietly worried Jen," the source said.

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No Tension Among Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez


However, Suggest immediately debunked the claims made by the two publications by confirming that Garner didn't have any negative feelings about Affleck and Lopez tying the knot. Even though she didn't attend, Garner supports her ex-husband's new relationship.

And the fact that Garner allowed her three kids to attend their dad's wedding to Lopez proves that there's no tension between them.

Meanwhile, Lopez and Affleck are still on a high after their wedding. The former recently shared some stories from their big day in Georgia, as well as some never-before-seen photos.

In her newsletter, the mom of twins revealed that she, Affleck, and some of their family members caught a stomach bug days before the wedding. Luckily, they were all OK when the big day came.


Lopez also said that now is the perfect time to wed Affleck. Even though they also got engaged before, Lopez believes that she's meant to wed her husband now that they're much older compared to several years ago.

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