Ben Affleck Shock: Jennifer Lopez’s Husband Allegedly Miserable Because of Their Marriage, ‘Jen Commandments’ He Needs to Follow

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Ben Affleck has been sparking speculations that he isn’t doing well months after tying the knot with Jennifer Lopez. When the A-listers got back together, their longtime fans couldn’t help but root for their relationship to last this time around. But after a short period of time, rumors swirled that Affleck and Lopez are not good for each other.

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Ben Affleck Became Miserable After Marrying Jennifer Lopez?

According to Now to Love, Ben Affleck has become very miserable during his short marriage to Jennifer Lopez. And those close to the actor allegedly can’t help but notice that he’s struggling to even smile when he’s out in public.

A source told the magazine that it has become evident that Affleck and Lopez both need to do some soul-searching if they want to save their marriage.

“You might imagine that being married to J.Lo would mean you’re skipping down the street, but that’s not Ben Affleck. He’s what you call a complicated person. He’s always, and I mean always, miserable. And yet she adores him,” the source said.

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Ben Affleck Forced To Follow Jennifer Lopez’s Commandments?

Friends of Affleck allegedly are also convinced that the dad of three is forced to adhere to “Jen’s Commandments.”

“Ben’s seemingly constant apathetic look has raised eyebrows all over Tinseltown, with many wondering what exactly goes on behind closed doors. Friends admit Ben is forced to adhere to ‘Jen’s Commandments’ at home and hint that things will likely only get worse when they finally finish hunting for their perfect multimillion-dollar mansion,” the magazine said.

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Dealing With Issues Pertaining To Their House Buying?

According to TMZ, Affleck and Lopez can’t seem to make up their minds on which property they are eyeing will become their new home.

Sources revealed that the couple just pulled the plug on the Pacific Palisades home that they were set on buying for $34.5 million. And just before they were supposed to close the deal on the property, Affleck and Lopez were reportedly photographed checking out another house.

On top of the possible issues that the couple is facing when it comes to buying a new house, Affleck and Lopez allegedly are also having issues with their different lifestyles.

Affleck allegedly enjoys eating junk food and going to different fast foods, but Lopez prefers to eat healthy food and snack options.

“Fun police Jen, as her critics have branded her, reportedly also gravely dislikes Ben’s tattoos and wants him to get a giant phoenix lasered off his back,” the source said.

As of writing, Affleck and Lopez have not opened up about their rumored issues.

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