Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 11 Release Date and Time, Preview: So Hyun Joo's Secret Exposed After Ma Tae Oh's Resignation

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Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Behind Every Star Episode 11 will explore So Hyun Joo's future as an agent and a Method Entertainment actor's health issue.

Behind Every Star is an ongoing Kdrama series on tvN, which also premieres on Netflix, based on the hit French series, Call My Agent!. It explores the lives of celebrities and managers in the industry, especially the latter, as they work behind the scenes to make the stars more successful.


Here’s what to expect in Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 11.

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Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 11 Preview

Ma Tae Oh reveals that So Hyun Joo is his daughter and that he was the one who deleted the script that was for Daniel Henney. After the series of unfortunate events, So Hyun Joo starts questioning herself whether it is appropriate for her to stay in Method Entertainment.

Chun Jane confronts her and tells her she has no right to call herself an agent after the things she did to save Ma Tae Oh.

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Meanwhile, Kim Jung Don learns that director Oh Hun’s movie has been rated XYZ. It causes him to worry about Kang Hee Sun. But the next scene shows the director barging inside the manager’s office as he expresses his anger to them.

Actor Lee Sun Jae appears and searches for his former agent, Wang Tae Ja. The legendary actor then seemingly shows signs of dementia, making everyone anxious about his health and future projects.

Koo Hae Jun and Lee Sang Uk, on the other hand, meet. Chun Jane also apologizes to her ex for hurting him.

Lee Sun Jae seeks help from Koo Hae Jun and the managers to avoid slip-ups. But during an event, the actor shows more disturbing symptoms.

K-drama Behind Every Star Episode 11 Release Date and Time


K-drama Behind Every Star Episode 11 will be released on December 12 at 10:30 PM KST.

Here's a glance at the Behind Every Star Episode 11 release date and time in other regions:

Central Time: 5:30 AM (December 12)

Greenwich Mean Time: 11:30 PM (December 12)

Eastern Time: 06:30 AM (December 12)

Pacific Time: 03:30 AM (December 12)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (December 12)

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